2019 Lid Off! Amnesia pills available here


C’mon…really ?
Will never be Elite, but he’s much better than that description !

EDIT…quoted from article, not Killer Mike.


Calm down mate😂


I was aware I was not quoting you, but thought I would clarify for other Blitzers, as you have come under heavy fire of late. :rofl:


Can’t agree on his assessment of Merrett not hurting the oppposition or McGrath not having upside

Merrett has one if the best kicks in the league and regularly uses to open up the game taking on risks no one else would be able to pull off.

How anyone could look at McGrath and think he’s near his ceiling defies belief. He’s hardly some man child, he’s a physically developing kid who we’ve only seen in limited roles, where he hasn’t fully explored his potential yet


Still waiting for the apologies on my Parish call😊


Yeah this ■■■■■■ me off too. What a ■■■■■■■■.




Think people need to relax - this is how people outside of our club see some of our players without the rose coloured glasses that most of us wear.


So you think that Hepp is a “good ordinary player”? It’s a ■■■■ comment. Got nothing to do with rose coloured glasses.


I’m not concerned about these glorified practice matches at all.

I’m a tad disappointed that Begley didn’t play, ditto Redman.
I would have loved to see more Jok in the Ruck & on the wings for both games. I also wanted more Ham and some Mynott.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the lack of experimentation. But I’m going to take it for what it is a series of practice matches.

I expect we will win a tough but open game against the Giants.
No Ward, Shiel, Lobb, Patton, Settlefield etc
I know that Toronto & Bonar are good, but they are also very young. Williams is returning from a knee. This leaves Coniglio ( Gun) & Kelly & Whitfield. I’ve forgot a few no doubt
Who is going to Ruck for them also with Mummy out?

Bombers to start the season well & beat the Giants by 3 goals. Lid will fly off again!


Dons flag.2019. Nuff said.


When we put GWS to the sword in 10 days all the groomers will be all “Oh hang on, the clappers were right. Let’s go hang out with them”. Can we lock this thread and then sell tickets to the fickle ones? Supply and demand mofos! Supply and demand.


The clappers were spot on this time last year about Adelaide.


Groomers? I meant gloomers!


It fits.

They’re both just preparing people for the ■■■■■■■ they’re about to receive.


We won Rd 1 last year coming back from behind in the 4th to steal the 4 points.

We then carried on around here saying the JLT form meant nothing - which lasted a week.

Our season then turned to absolute ■■■■ and lost to Freo, Doggies etc and the form and style was very reminicent of the JLT.

Beating GWS round 1 means nothing.


Excuse me Westie, but I think you may be lost. Allow me to direct you to this fun park…


I thought about it and decided to let this one pass by, given the current climate :wink:


I considered editing it. I thought it would be more fun for everyone if I left it.


Article saying Merrett not A grade??

2 years in a row top 15 brownlow medal votes, x1 AA, before injury 2018…pls.