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They Groom the weak minded…perverted [email protected]…same, same.


Some of you obviously do not know the origin of the term. It was introduced by Jack Dyer and is part of football folklore.

Do some research.


No i don’t know the origin of the term. Can you explain? Have i misinterpreted it? A google search didn’t bring me any closer to the answer.


So losses in the JLT count but wins in season don’t. Makes perfect sense


And? It’s a term used to describe the Heath Hockings of the world, not to describe your All-Australian, Crichton medal and Rising Star winning captain.


Captain of a club that has only won 12.5% of premierships played, and losers of all finals for 15 years though.


This is what i was thinking. It’s a ■■■■ comment to make about Hepp. I’m not sure that Jack Dyer using it for the first time somehow makes it a term of endearment.


Yes he has in the way Luke Hodge has become a good very ordinary player


It was made in relation to Peter Bosustow who played in 2 premierships and got goal and mark of the year. Not too shabby.


Thats nice, you read one line of my post and then make a sarcastic comment based on that one line.

Was it really worth your time replying?


Thanks Hambo

I have posted this too many times in previous years on this forum and did not have time to reply in detail previously today.

So, those people ■■■■■■■■ about those comments about Heppel can come back AFTER he has won two flags, as well as winning GOTY and MOTY in quick succession.

Everyone was pumping up Bosustow’s tyres, but Jack Dyer caused controversy when said he was just a good ordinary player. That is, he was a good player for now, but “ordinary” in that he would not be remembered in decades to come.

History proved he was correct.

THAT is the standard that should be applied to who should be considered better than “good ordinary”.


Ohh Albert I love that you’re here in this thread because it must be so alien, but you’re doing lid off really, really badly…

Ps - Hep is going to be Capt of the all Aus team this year.


I was remarking on the disconnect in logic in the contents of your entire post.


I think its an apt comment. I think this is our problem, we have a team made up of good ordinary players but no super-stars to go with them.


I disagree. But i think a lot of people share your opinion.


Start winning finals, and we will magically have superstars.

Don’t win finals, then our players will struggle to be recognised as among the best in the comp.


I think before 2017 Cotchin’s form had tapered off and people may have been inclined to say he was good ordinary at that point.

I reckon he’s changed that perception. I reckon Hepp can do the same.


I still think Cotchin is still just good ordinary.

The only thing that’s changed is the media narrative.


Cotchin and Cripps?

Oh stop it. :joy::joy::joy:


Would be interested in seeing your list of superstars?

I think there is about 5.

The rest are just role players.

I guess your mummy told you how amazing you were so now you think everyone is amazing?