2019 Lid Off! Amnesia pills available here




Only if you say the magic words.




Can’t quite see the lid on that Furphy, surely it’s off.


It and it’s friends. It’s a lid-off-a-thon.


Can’t seeing us losing another one until early next season when we may need a little tweak to help us return to our red, hot ■■■■■■■ form!


Far Ken Lid Off!


Them there’s the magic words.
Welcome to the bandwagon- life’s pretty good perched here at the moment

We might as well enjoy it while it lasts


You and I both know we will be c—on’s first win of the season again.


Kangas - Good Friday
Pies - Anzac Day
Cats - Country Game

Win all 3 and the lid would be smashed to pieces.


Anyone good at mosaics??? Red and Black ones of course.


Yyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hhhhaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaa



You’re freaking me out in a good way.


We really should beat Norff, but we need to pinch a win against pies or cats. I would have picked us to beat the cats and lose to the pies before the season, but the cats look pretty good now. I’d hate us to be 3-4


Hopefully we beat North. I actually think we’re in with a shot to beat Collingwood as well. Given our form st the G etc.

Geelong will be difficult.


After round 2 you could be justified in asking where our next win was going to come from.

After round 4, you could be justified in asking where our next loss was going to come from.

Liddy Offy


Today I like Malthouse: he just said five teams are guaranteed finals, and we’re one of them.


You have been outside without your hat on again , haven’t you?


We’re cooked.