2019 Lid Off! Red and black vexillolographers welcome

Oh I can assure you, that should we win this game, Collingwood ‘will have had a terrible game’ to all commentators.


Well I just looked out the window, and I can’t see a farkin thing, so…
Oh - that wasn’t a window.

Rained 2012 and 2015 aswell.

and 2004.

That was the gateway to your soul!

Bring on September!

We can win the flag


Wow! What a great team. Took it right up to the flag fancies on the biggest (non-finals) day of the year. They had our measure and we worked ourselves back into the game. Could have gone either way. Great work from Ambrose thru to Zaharakis. Love our team! Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining game on such a great day!!

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Fantasia had a quiet day though.

8 goals to 3 after 20 minutes into the 2nd qtr. Strategically Buckley played it as good as possible. They defended the outside of stoppages and forced our mids to hack out of stoppages and congestion but we still found ways to score once we got going. Their mids stayed behind the play and spread ours to make us work overtime, forwards moved into space and their defenders body work was very good on our forwards. Daniher was immense, without him we would of got smashed. His marking was vital and reassured me that Smack will be required later in the season especially in finals to form a better duo than what Brown can provide.
During the week I thought if we were to lose to one of pies or cats that we’ll just remain a middle tier time fighting for a finals spot. However our competitiveness and way to work through what I would suggest is the best possible counter to our game has me bullish that we’re in the upper echelon and fighting it out for a top 4 spot. Still the biggest issue is our skills, it has improved and the extra level going against pies exposed that.
I haven’t look any further but I’m backing us to win every game up until the bye.


Prognosticating is difficult to do this far out, obviously.
Still, it’s a fun exercise to do, and after 6 rounds I have a sense of what a reasonably healthy Essendon list is capable of.

If we can complete Rd.10 (Dreamtime) at 5 - 5 at the worst, I feel we can launch into the season.
This kind of scenario will have us on 14 wins and a likely HOME Final.
Win an extra game, and I believe 15 wins in a very even season could sneak a Double Chance.

Yes, yes I know, it’s difficult predicting results, but here it is…


Trade GWS for Crows and it’s possible.

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Yep, I should have placed another ‘1 of 2’ in that section.

I really hope we can somehow win 3 of our next 4.
Would have us in great shape, but I went conservative and settled for 2-2 given it’s a tricky run.


I do not regard this as lid off until you have a tick in the bye section.


I reckon we’re at a similar stage right now to Brisbane in 2001.
In that season they were 4 and 5 and then beat us in round 10 and didn’t lose again.
I’m not saying we’re going to be 4 and 5. I just think we’re about to explode


Must beat Geelong.

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Thinking more like Geelong in 2007 who were 2-3 before their 157pt win against Richmond (and only lost 1 game for the rest of the year)

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Sheedy has gone lid off.

I’m excited!!


Sheedy talking something up?? Doesn’t sound like him.


Collingwood were 3-3 last year. And then 4-4. And it wasn’t as tight as this year!

I love the lid off thread.

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Haha he hyped things up but in recent years, he’s never hyped the team’s ability up (if that makes sense). Would talk about our young talent but then follow it by saying it takes a few years for the players to shine etc.