2019 practice match v Coburg 3pm Sat 23rd March Craigieburn

The VFL List is finalised with some interesting recruits like Ray Connellan. But of most interest will be the return of Gleeson and Redman. Will we see Mosquito play, Is there any chance they will wheel out the fridge yet?

A chance to get a live footy fix before sitting in front of the tele on Sunday afternoon.

12 pm start?

I am only going by the VFL site which says 3pm. You may be correct. So lets get this right. @Paul_Cousins?

On the CoburgFC site it is talking 10am start time. Lets get a firm time from the club and I will update it on this site then.

Edit @09.21 Tuesday : I am reliably told its 3pm.


You have nailed it
Most interested in how Mozzie performs and Redman, Gleeson and Begley return from injury.
Also Stewart, Draper imposing them self on the contest.

Live Stream of VFL Games for Essendon would be good.

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By me. Lol.

Yep it’s 3pm, or at least that’s when we’ll be there!


AFL listed players potentially available for the practice game.

37 Clarke, Dylan
20 Clarke, Zachary R*
38 Draper, Sam R
8 Gleeson, Martin
32 Gown, Noah
33 Ham, Brayden
36 Hartley, Michael
24 Houlahan, Jordan
15 Laverde, Jayden*
34 Long, Jake R
41 McNiece, Ben R
22 Mosquito, Irving
19 Mutch, Kobe
39 Mynott, Trent R
3 Parish, Darcy*
27 Redman, Mason
17 Stewart, James
30 Zerk-Thatcher, Brandon*

*Named on extended bench for AFL game.

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How many do you think they’ll leave out of the game in order to be emergencies for the GWS game?

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Did you get this list from somewhere? Why isn’t Tippa etc listed or does this confirm who is playing Sunday in Sydney?

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Can someone do a better job of Ham Watch than my attempt at Beaconsfield of “He was wearing the wrong number so I didn’t pay attention to him but I vaguely remember he was small.”


Probably 2

Sorry, I should have made it clear. I compiled this list based on a guess as to the make up of the bench in Sydney, the players known to be fit, the players rumoured to be coming back from injury. But at the time I wrote this it was not yet confirmed who actually will suit up on Saturday. eg. Whether Mo22sie will play. etc etc .

I will try to update it to reflect reality, but its hard to know who is playing in practice games until you see the list beside the door of the team dressing room.


It’s a bit warm up here. Bring your sunnies sunscreen and a hat.

Looking forward to radioHOF


Pumped for Gleeson. Good luck to the fella - it’s been a long wait.


Just arrived, it’s hot

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Very windy too

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Unless i get a team sheet, it’s likely to be numbers not names in the descriptions.

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Mutch and Ham out for a run already.

Harts’s hair is looking better than it did on the bbbbq day.

Lots of noise coming from the rooms. Redman ready to rock. Zerk playing here.

Benny, darc, buddha all looking good.


AFL emergencies Parish, Clarke & Zerk out on the ground
Lav travelling with team?

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