2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval

Marty and Mason, and the rest of the boys get to run out against better opposition on Saturday.
Last year Sandi won 5 games ( compared with Coburgs 1) so, last weeks dream hitout will most likely not be repeated.

We can hope.

Hopefully we will see Mo22ie, but no doubt the club will announce it when it happens.
Given that he has not played one warmup game, and he only has limited exposure at training, it will be a long way back to get up to VFL level.

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Really looking forward to this

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The only problem in doing the Sandi game as a curtain raiser is that there may be problems with trains on the Sandringham line this saturday.


Well that sucks, I had it all mapped out to leave Sandy at 3/4 time & train it to Marvel.

Can’t believe even Metro trains is against us now, this anti Essendon conspiracy is bigger than I thought.


How the hell long does it take by bus… there’s a good hour and half between the absolute latest finish at Sandi and the start of the the afl game.

Take the 600 bus adjacent to Trevor Barker Oval at 15:04
Switch to 96 tram at Acland Street
Arrive at 16:08

Or hopefully the rain is done Saturday morning, making the bike the best option. But we’re talking about Sandy, so yeah nah.

Yeh. I will drive to sandi. Watch the vfl then drive to port melb and take the tram to southern cross. Its a short walk to AFL$ stadium from there.

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Think I will drive too, buses & trams, just not me

To quote The Coodabeens Ivan from Ivanhoe “only one wrong thing with public transport…the public”

Speaking as someone who’s been catching the train to work for years, the transport can be pretty shabby too.

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Melbournes road traffic is becoming extremely congested and around lunchtime on Saturday mornings resembles weekday peak hour. I travel to all Melbourne matches by train, and can select one of 3 lines to get into the city, but for about a month, all of these 3 lines have works on the weekend and it will mean driving parking and walking, and leaving about 30 minutes earlier to get to the games.


My hat’s off to anyone who goes today.
You are a trooper.


It’s only Sandy. What could possibly go wrong weather-wise?


I live out this way so i will be there. There is undercover seating in the stand on the sw side and in the clubhouse, so I will only get drenched running to and from the car.


Soft. You should be reporting from the interchange bench.

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I am presently a km from that ground. It’s wet. It’s windy. It’s cold. I am being forced to wrap myself around an old plasma television for warmth. I could also put on clothes I guess.


I’ve dressed lightly. We’re months away from winter.


That’s strange. The PTV site says trains are running on the Sandy line this weekend. Seriously fkg hopeless that they can’t get their message straight.

Winter could fall as soon as this evening if we lose today.


winter is coming