2020 BBFFL#2 Discussion

2020 BBFFL#2 Season Launch
Welcome to BBFFL#2 for our 9th season. The Marsh Community Series kicks off this evening. The keys dates for this season are outlined below. At this stage I am working on the assumption all 18 coaches from last year are keen to go around again in 2020 – if this is not the case please let me know ASAP to find someone to step into the breach.

Great work to the 13 coaches who have signed up – by my reconciliation we are still waiting for @Aceman, @Birch19, @Come_Back_Hirdy, @Crazy_Bomber and @The_Ant to setup on UF. Let me know if you haven’t seen the invite or have changed email addresses since last year.

There are no rule changes proposed to what we used last year – just a reminder that the onfield setup is as follows:

Backs x 5
Centres x 6
Forwards x 5
Ruck x 1
Utility x 1

Note, emergencies only replace a non-scoring player if they have the same position allocation. If your utility doesn’t play the first scoring interchange player will replace them.

For any potential top up players ie Nigel Lockyer, we will again allow them to be picked up at any time in our draft, which would include before they are officially AFL listed. My understanding is that clubs have until 15 March 2020 to finalise their supplementary picks.

I appreciate there are some issues, ie we won’t be certain they will get listed which could mean a wasted pick and also, we won’t necessarily have a UF position for the player when they are drafted. However, the pros outweigh the cons of this approach.

We will also run a mid-season draft after round 11 like last season, with reverse ladder order used to select newly listed players.

Marsh Community Series 20 February to 9 March
Round 1 commences 19 March

Final trades to be finalised by 6pm 6 March
Squads to be trimmed to 20 by 10pm 7 March
Afternoon of 8 March a spreadsheet with available players will be circulated
Draft to commence no later than midday on 9 March
Draft to be completed by Tuesday 17 March
Partial Lockout for Round 1 at 7.20pm Thursday 19 March

For our keepers, my preference is for you to select your 20 keepers in UF rather than posting in Blitz. Any trades that take place will not be reflected immediately on UF and I will add the players once the keepers are finalised. Anyone wishing to list a LTI will have to do so prior to the commencement of the draft to get a pick in the post draft ‘LTI Draft’. Otherwise you will have to wait until the first free agency period to acquire a replacement.

Note that thanks to super tip from @Dunlop we will now only have 30 places available in our squads until the draft is completed. Once it is finalised I will increase the squad size to 32 which will then allow coaches to be allocated with their LTI replacements.

Draft Format
We will once again be using UF for the draft. It has worked really well the past 2 years. I will still send out the initial spreadsheet with averages for the last couple of years and also post the overall draft picks in Blitz. The combination of email alerts and texting should ensure the draft moves smoothly.

Don’t forget that trading remains open so please do the right thing by other coaches and respond to their PMs. There is nothing more frustrating than a non response.

As always let me know if you have any questions or issues. Go Bulls!


I haven’t received an invite. Maybe it got spammed.

I have resent it - let me know if you don’t get it.

I’m in! Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Remarkably it seems higgens played in the tigers intra club yesterday without a helmet so it sounds like I will not be needing that lti slot. Fingers crossed anyway

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The Conargo Bulls today have said goodbye to the last of their initially selected players. Club legend Liam Shiels was traded to FC Medina after 8 seasons with the Bulls. Taken with Pick 31 in the initial BBFFL#2 draft back in late 2011, Shiels was just the second player to join the team after initial pick Dane Swan (Pick 6). Somewhat remarkably Shiels never finished higher than 8th in the club best and fairest – something he achieved on 3 occasions, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Bulls’ captain Jack Macrae played tribute to the departing pioneer, “Armour (Shiels) was a super player and he will be missed.” Shiels played a vital role in turning this team’s fortunes around, with Macrae adding “in my first year we won the spoon, yet 5 years later we were lucky enough to win the BBFFL#2 flag”. Shiels leaves the Bulls having played a club record 131 games and was a member of the 2018 BBFFL#2 Premiership team.

Shiels’ departure means that Hayden Crozier is the only remaining player to have played a game for the club in all 8 seasons. While Macrae and Josh Jenkins both joined the club in 2013. Macrae is on track to equal Shiels’ club games played record in Round 3 2020.


Any rumours of MacRae being unhappy about the way it was handled and looking to force a trade as a consequence?

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He is more than happy taking the key role in leading the team back up the ladder!

Below is a summary of the players still with their original coaches after 8 seasons. For those not aware we did 2 drafts of 15 players each to form our original 30 player squad. The first draft was done at the end of the 2011 season, with the second draft done following the AFL draft and closer to the 2012 season. All the GWS Giants players were only made available for the second draft.

There were also a couple of trades between the first and 2nd drafts which means some of the numbers won’t make perfect sense. The number in the bracket is what number pick the player was for that particular coach in that draft.

Aceman (drafted by Smooth)
Gary Ablett – Pick 7 (1)
Trent Cotchin – Pick 30 (2)
Steele Sidebottom – Pick 43 (3)
Dylan Shiel – Pick 12 (1 in 2nd part of draft)
Sam Docherty – Pick 18 (2 in 2nd part of draft)
Luke Parker – Pick 36 (3 in 3rd part of draft)

Birch 19
Ben McEvoy – Pick 11 (1)
Josh Caddy – Pick 119 (7)
Adam Treloar – Pick 8 (1 in 2nd part of draft)

cafegerat (drafted by Simoman)
Tom Hawkins - Pick 168 (10)
Devon Smith – Pick 6 (1 in 2nd part of draft)

Come Back Hirdy
Nat Fyfe – Pick 12 (1)
Daniel Rich – Pick 84 (5)
Dan Hannebery – Pick 97 (6)

Crazy Bomber (drafted by bjsteel)
Marc Murphy – Pick 8 (1)
Mitch Duncan – Pick 101 (6)
Pearce Hanley – Pick 116 (7)

Don to Death
Jack Redden – Pick 15 (1)
Chad Wingard – Pick 4 (1 in 2nd part of draft)

Fogdog (drafted by Bargey)
Scott Pendlebury - Pick 4 (1)
Tom Mitchell – Pick 22 (2 in 2nd part of draft)
Ivan (drafted by Pazza)

Maxx (drafted by Westozziebomber)

No. 5
Tom Rockliff – Pick 18 (1)
Dustin Martin – Pick 18 (2)
Chris Mayne – Pick 234 (13)
Travis Colyer – Pick 235 (14)
Stephen Coniglio – Pick 1 (1 in 2nd part of draft)
Luke Dahlhaus – Pick 54 (4 in 2nd part of draft)
Jeremy Cameron – Pick 108 (7 in 2nd draft)

Liam Shiels – Pick 31 (2) traded this week to Ivan

Saladin (draft by TDSpartan)
Dayne Beams – Pick 27 (2)

Todd Goldstein – Pick 2 (1) traded this week to Ivan
Jeremy Howe – Pick 56 (4 in 2nd part of draft)

The Ant (draft by Eggs)
Josh P. Kennedy – Pick 72 (4) - Sydney player

The Melkman

Dyson Heppell - Pick 23 (2)
Isaac Smith – Pick 59 (4)
Dom Tyson – Pick 5 (1 in 2nd part of draft)
Cameron Guthrie - Pick 32 (2 in 2nd part of draft)

Vandrs (first draft by Great Artesian Basin and then second draft by 51Bewick)
Nic Naitanui –Pick 17 (1)
David Swallow – Pick 20 (2)
Robbie Gray – Pick 53 (3)
Tom Scully – Pick 89 (5)
Dion Prestia – Pick 161 (9)
Thomas Lynch – Pick 200 (12) – Richmond player
Toby Greene – Pick 71 (4 in 2nd part of draft)

Travis Boak – Pick 45 (3)
Jack Ziebell – Pick 100 (6)
Patrick Dangerfield – Pick 117 (7)
Lachie Neale – Pick 27 (2 in 2nd part of draft)


Geez some of you are still dining out off that foundation draft.

yup, that would be me. Mind you I have delisted and re-drafted or signed off waivers Mayne and Colyer a couple of times from memory.

Quite happy with the ones I have kept around. Martin (r3) and Cameron (r9) are both Top 10 scoring forwards, Coniglio (r7) top 10 scoring mid still now.

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Yeah i didn’t look to see I’d players had been on your list the entire time - but all these players have never played for another BBFFL#2 team.

Seb Ross is the only player I have from the Pazza era.


Just waiting on @The_Ant and @Aceman to join up on UF. Let me know if you have lost the email invite.

just realised Lobb is a R. Changes up my last list spot.

Yep the ones listed on UF are correct.

@saladin i hope that’s a mistake on not selecting Acres as a ‘keeper’.

Lol, until two days ago I didn’t even know you could see others keeper lists. I’d more or less just ticked 20 names. Fair to say, Acres has prompted a few PM’s.

My final keepers are far from settled.


So it looks like we are playing a 16 coach league this season.

I’ll be seriously ■■■■■■ if I finish 17th, then.

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