2020 Final Round Match thread. Vs Melbourne

Long term players not treated with respect ?

No. Please !

They played Zaka for months when he was out of form. Respect

And the Gold Coast trumpet for every Suns goal

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Behind dermies head on fox footy is the 84 grand final poster. Just noticed.

I love it. :joy::rofl::beers:

One More Match

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Let us complete the tanking… and we don’t even need to try.

FOX are putting the finishing touches on their tribute to TBell, showing all the times he tapped out to advantage: to our opponents.


What are the odds of a game like last years epic?

Hurley and hooker should be more worried about their own form, rather than getting one of their mates another game- especially over a young guy like Draper



Was 3 games IIRC in which he probably would have been dropped if not for a bunch of senior players getting injured in quick succession- Raz. Hep

Then he had a BOG and was generally very serviceable after that

The irony is when Christian did have one more match he got punted in the head by Orton just after the bell rang to start the match and it was all over.

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No point to a farewell game if there is no crowd to farewell him. Give him a lap in the back of a convertible first home game next year if he needs a farewelling

it says more about how shat off those blokes must be generally about how the season went.

I know we’re ■■■■ but the entire Fox Footy lead up has just been sucking off Melbourne. Any chance we can see what’s happening in our rooms and interview one of our boys?

Seemed like months tbh

That’s even more disturbing

The interview with Woosha was good I thought.

He really talked up JD being part of our future…i mean noone dared question his contract status though.

So Blitz can over analyse and ■■■■■ about every word the player says?

Sooking from players… what a shock.

I wouldn’t believe Pickering hearsay on SEN.

I know. In the last game, it was about the 16th minute mark in the last quarter they actually said anything about Essendon. They were unashamedly barracking for Port up to that point.

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