2020 Final Round Match thread. Vs Melbourne

Seems Rutten is not afraid to rock the boat


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The inbred hyphenated wankers have hearts?

Sounds to me like Bellchambers, Hooker & Hurley are very much the kliq. No wonder they never get dropped. Wouldn’t surprise me if Zaharakis was too.


I suspect Mick and Cale have just realised how they will be treated at the end … sentiment out the door.
Thats probably not a bad thing if it wins us a flag tbh.

Fox doing a half decent job of not pointing out the obvious.

Odds on this game is over at quarter time.

It said they caved under & pressure decided to play him and Belly said no thanks. Hardly ruthless.


On telly Caracalla looks more a coach than Rutten just the persona


Did Dermie really say we should go and get Callan Ward?

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Lol dermie suggesting Cal Ward from the giants.

No thanks.

FOX clearly don’t know what they are talking about, they think Essendon fans don’t want a rebuild

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Had to lol at that

Hopefully Laverde has a good game today. He would have worked his ■■■■ off just to get back and play 1 game. Hope he has a good one today. He deserves some luck.

Any late changes?

I have so many questions after that last 5 mins of dribble from Fox footy

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Ta. I was hoping Hooker would come in.

Also dismissed Rutten whatever he was saying to him with total concentration

Please boost your trade value today Joe

You too “Saady”