2020 Final Round Match thread. Vs Melbourne

Ok I’m one off the lead in my work footy tipping and I’ve got the better percentage (winning margin totals). I know the leader will go for Melbourne. Should I take the punt and pick us?

Frankly it’s better for Drapers development to come up against Gawn and I’d have been ■■■■■■ if TBC played just for a send off. And really Hooker and Hurley should see that

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don’t you dare throw away our chance at pick 5 essendon

I reckon they can win. They need to get something positive out of today.
Belly out there helping Drapes. Good on him.


So,do Melbourne players want 6 weeks in Port Douglas, or play 1 final (maybe) and only have 4 weeks

Looks like Stewart will start back and hurls forward


Dons by 74.

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It’s too little too late, for the club to put a positive spin on this season.

I’m frankly sick of seeing tribute videos and club leadership trying to sell hope for the future.

You clowns were nowhere to be seen all season ffs.



It’s good that they are investing some time/games into Stewart in defence, as per Zerk.

It’s really our defensive group we need to come up quickly with the Hooker/Hurls transition out of side. And ruck with TBC but Draper has already looked very promising.

We need to look at today as a beginning


I’ve lost track: is Melbourne wearing a clash jumper versus us today, or is that light blue now their normal jumper?

Last time ever Joe Daniher in an Essendon jumper.

Soak it in Bomber fans.


Draper will have a bhig learning curve today.

Hope so. Looking for a big 0.3 with 2 OOTF.

Enter TBell ruck coach.

I think he likes the challenge. I enjoyed his West Coast game.

Want to see furious tackling and pressure come on boys

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At least Bomber fans have white line fever still. Lets see if the boys have.

Anyone have a link to the game that works?