2020 Final Round Non Essendon Games

Shaun Ryan’s last game as an ump tonight, season 2021 looking up already.

Quite a few on the preferred get the r’s / hit list before Ryan I’d have thought.

Nice sausage from Hill. Straight as a dart.

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Aints well out now.


Giants can’t buy a fekkin Goal.

Edit: Lol, … & then they do.

Cameron with a set shot 30 out directly in front and missed terribly.

Riccardi finally goals for them.

Riccardi looks very classy.

Greene is a star!

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Then Tobes weaves some magic

He really is our Daniher replacement.

Had no time to think, just jam it on the boot, straight and true. Brilliant stuff.
Saints 28
GWS 25

Butler Snaps one!!

C’mon Aints.

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Dan Butler has had a very good year and really helps that forwardline. Saints did well picking him up.

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Cameron walks about 4 steps inwards after taking a mark. No call to play on.
We take a look inwards and get called to play on.:roll_eyes:

We’re not even playing.


Goal kicking in the AFL this year isn’t what it should be in shorter games.

lol half of the Saints MEGAWALL just have the thousand yard state going on

“Hope is a dangerous thing to give a man”

That was not a mark for Marshall btw. Lucky break for the Saints there.

Cameron has been so bad that Riccardi has become the main focal point of the Giants forward disposal.

Umps looking after the Saints.
GWS must be out of favour these days.

Getting ugly for the Giants now. They get it forward ok, but then they lose control very quickly and the Saints run it straight down the other end and get repeat i50’s.