2020 Marsh Community Series - less interesting than soft drinks

Footy is back baby!!!

Some teams take it seriously, some don’t.

Health of the list certainly a big factor as per the Lions who have injury gods still looking after.

One can dream.

Not on free-to-air.
Get it on AFL app or FOXTEL (maybe Kayo?)

Teams for tonight’s game…

Fark that fat Judas kent!


I had no idea this was starting now.
I’m still in Summer mode.


What’s a Marsh? Are we talking Shaun/Mitch Marsh? Because I’m not sure if they’ve ever really got the publicity they deserve…

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Supercoach and AFL Fantasy players pre season is kicking off, yeeet!!


Looks like footy weather out my window.

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No Hartley

ohhh. I forgot Harley left.

He retired several years ago now. Last seen trying to entice a Daniher away from Evil Essendon’s clutches…

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Frawley, Frost and McEvoy (now they are playing him as a tall in the back half) were probably always ahead of him. He’ll get a shot at some point during the year though you’d reckon. Especially given Frawley’s propensity to get injured.

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And Frost’s propensity for shitness


Did Hartley sign a 2 yr deal with them?

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Yep pretty sure Hart’s 2yr contract

Frost can actually defend one on one. It’s his disposal that was seen as his issue.

I’m sure they will just get him to work within his limitations like they did with Mitchell.


Dogs Vs north at Marvel

Wish Essendon played there instead we have to go to some remote place called mineral park where the turf will most likely be shithouse lols

Same. I’m not prepared for this.

I’m not even sure what preparations are required tbh.

We get to watch Ryder “those supplements could have hurt my baby” and Carlisle “this place is farked” though. :slight_smile:


They’re what :scream:

He’s actually not as bad as people here make out.
He can defend one on one, is quick and provides good rebound.
If they manage to reduce him wanting to bite off more than he can chew with his kicking, as they tend to be able to do, he’ll be pretty good for them.



I will still follow those boys more than everyone else :slight_smile:


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