2020 round 4 vs Fark Carlton - speculation and anticipation

Look, it’s impossible for Fark Carlton to lose this, right?

But imagine if they did…


There is no possible way that Carlton could lose, no way, zero


This is testing my patience, waiting for the update!

They probably said the same thing in 2016, enter Darcy Parish to upset their navy blue apple cart.

So is it happening? Has that been confirmed?

The more players we have unavailable the more likely we are to win. I’ve never been surer of anything in my life

B: Francis - Hooker - Redman
HB: Zaharakis - Hurley - Ridley
C: Cutler - Parish - Langford
HF: Fantasia - McKernan - Smith
F: Tippa - Stewart - Townsend
R: Bellcho - Shiel - Clarke

INT: Laverde - Ham - Guelfi - Snelling

OUT: Merrett - McGrath - Stringer - Saad - McKenna
IN: Laverde - Guelfi - Stewart - Fantasia - Clarke

In all honesty - this team should beat Carlton.

Clarke to do a job on Cripps.
Fantasia/Zaka to swap if needed
Parish - full time mid

2nd string midfield of: Langford, Smith, Snelling, Tippa - is the main concern.

The scene is set for Darcy Parish to stamp his name on the competition.

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If as seems to be the likelihood…

OUT: McKenna, Saad, Stringer, Zerrett, McGrath
IN: Fantasia, Guelfi, Lav, Mosquito, Clarke/Hibberd

With our star mids out we can’t expect to beat them head to head so just go into defensive shut down.

Shift Smith into main mid rotations for zip and defensive pressure we lose with McGrath/Zerrett out. And Clarke/Hibberd to tag Cripps. We need to limit him. Parish a full game in midfield now also.

Fantasia is the xfactor in back line we lose with Saad out and he’s done it before and really done well with run out of defence & ball use. Match him up on Eddie Betts!

B: Fantasia Hooker Francis
HB: Ridley Hurley Redman
C: Cutler Smith Langford
HF: Snelling Laverde TIPPA
F: Mosquito Smack Townsend
R: Belly Shiel Clarke/Hibberd

B: Parish Zaka Ham Guelfi

Farrrrrrrrk Carlton.

Media outlets are going with the Carlton game definitely happening.

Caro actually said that AFL won’t even move the Collingwood game now as well. So whoever is in iso will miss both.

Andrew Phillips is just having a quiet moment to himself in a corner.

Let him play you bastards.


This club has been forced to fight with a hand tied behind its back for years now… its time to Stop complaining and start embracIng it.

we’ll beat anyone. anywhere. anytime. And without our best Players.


I’m tipping Parish to have 30 touches and a goal for 2 weeks straight, then immediately get sent back to the forward pocket the week after XD


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The McKernan goal at 11.05 is the most McKernian McKernan is ever McNernan


Tippa Hurley Francis
Redman hooker Ridley

Cutler Clarke ham
Tbell parish Shiel

Smith Snelling Fantasia
Stewart smack Townsend

Gleeson guelfi Hibberd Moz

Curb be ball could be play Francis forward instead of stewart and bring in Ambrose.

Shame Begley appears nowhere near it

Ivan you’ll have to update this following the latest update in the Conor thread

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So your saying I have to do another best 22, fark

Saad Hurley Francis
Redman hooker Ridley

Merrett parish Cutler
Tbell McGrath Shiel

Smith tippa Fanta
Stringer smack Townsend

Guelfi Langford ham snelling

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Hope that’s true.

(only going by the headline, thanks for posting but I will never click on a link to The Age)

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