2021 Essendon VFL discussion thread - 22(!) teams, 3 states, 16 rounds

With the new additions likely to increase our engine room depth, it should be another good year for our VFL team in 2020, injuries permitting.

But with the new rules surrounding list management, I hope that we take the opportunity to turn over the VFL squad and bring in a good mix of mature VFL types who are more than just roleplayers, some young developing KPP talent will be needed and some NGA guys with genuine X-factor is long past due.

Not being a d*ck but how will it be better? We gain a few but then lose Myers and Hocking etc.

Across the board we won’t be as strong unless we recruit well. We have lost Hartley who is a big out but we should gain an AFL quality ruckman assuming 2 out of the 3 remain fit.

Having a capable ruckman will be a big start.

Having a KPF will be a bonus.

Hibberd = Myers (who I still hold out hope he’ll do a “hocking”)

Townsend > Hocking

Continued improvement from our u23s will also give us a boost.

With less injuries than we had last year we should be a better, more balanced side.

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To me it seems like much of a muchness with the smalls (Townsend/Hibberd etc v Myers/Bags etc), we should be a bit stronger in ruck, but we’ll be a lot thinner for KPs at either end (no Brown or Hartley, replaced by 1 skinny kid).

VFL recruiting will be interesting.

If the 2 new Irish lads prove competent in match conditions, then that will be worth a bit to the VFL side.


Dan Jordan will be very hard to replace


Didn’t Skipworth also get the VFL side to a prelim?

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Skip had his worth

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It will be a very different looking VFL side next year. Whilst of course I’m optimistic and confident we’ll put together a strong program the reality is we’ve lost a heap of experience that really formed much of the backbone of our side the past two years and provided a lot of the leadership to our group. Buddha, Matty Dea, Harts, Benny McNiece, Myersy, Bags, Longy, Browny (though he played AFL almost exclusively this year) have all been fantastic for our program and will obviously be difficult to replace, as well as young guys who were staples and played solid footy for us in Trent Mynott and Houla among a few others.
Bally and Harry will put together a strong VFL list and we’ll have a lot of VFL listed guys returning, we’ll just have to see how the changes to the AFL list shake out as to who of them comes to the VFL.
The VFL boys came back in good shape and keen to get into it last week, while Harry’s an excellent young coach who’ll really take ownership of the program so there’s plenty to look forward to.


Well said Paul. This year will be a bit of unknown due to the list changes, it could go either way. Still looking forward to the season though and watching the devleopment of players. Excited for it to start.


You’d think that adding guys like Hibberd, Cutler and Townsend to the list will mean that either they, or some of the other senior boys will see some more VFL time. The coaching situation might have a fair impact though. I really rate Jordan (from what i’ve seen).

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Me too @IceTemple, I was out at our first VFL preseason training last week and there was a great mood among the group, everyone was up and about considering it was November, including me!
We’re a development program first and foremost so getting a bunch of 1st to 3rd year guys in and helping them develop both as players and as people within the club is always exciting to watch, and whilst it’s sad to see those guys I mentioned go as so many of them were also great club people having new guys come on is always exciting as well.


Where was the training report? C’mon man, get with it and write @jackie_mihocek style training reports!

Harry’s a really highly rated young coach, he and DJ were essentially doing the same role two years ago before DJ took the head coaching role and Harry focused on development. DJ did a terrific job for us and is of course a big loss to our program (and gain for the AFL program) but I’m excited at what Harry will bring into the role. He forms really strong relationships, has a teaching background and knows the game inside and out, he’s a terrific appointment IMO.


Ha you’ll get me in trouble doing that, best I leave it to @nackers.

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That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for the update.


Any chance of bringing down some Tiwi talent? Would be great for ticket sales.

Any idea on what Myers & McNeice are doing for 2020?

Phillips, Townsend and Hibberd will prob be the best ruck/rover line in the VFL next season