2021 Free Agents

Brodie Smith
Daniel Talia
Jake Kelly
Matt Crouch
Rory Laird
Taylor Walker
Tom Lynch

Archie Smith
Daniel Rich
Dayne Zorko

Fark Carlton
Ed Curnow
Levi Casboult
Marc Murphy
Patrick Cripps

Jamie Elliott
Josh Thomas
Scott Pendlebury
Steele Sidebottom
Tom Langdon

Cale Hooker
David Zaharakis
Patrick Ambrose
Zach Merrett

Matt Tabener
Stephen Hill

Cam Guthrie
Jake Kolodjashnij
Jed Bews
Joel Selwood

Gold Coast
Sam Day
Sean Lemmens

Callan Ward
Josh Kelly
Matthew Buntine
Phil Davis

Ben McEvoy
Luke Bruest
Shaun Burgoyne
Tim O’Brien

Christian Salem
Max Gawn
Neville Jetta

Jack Ziebell
Luke McDonald
Robbie Tarrant
Sean Atley
Trent Dumont

Port Adelaide
Hamish Hartlett
Robbie Gray

David Astbury
Dylan Grimes
Jack Riewoldt
Kamdyn McIntosh
Nick Vlastuin
Shane Edwards

St Kilda
Dylan Roberton
Jack Billings
Luke Dunstan
Seb Ross

Luke Parker
Sam Naismith
Sam Reid

West Coast
Dom Sheed
Josh Kennedy
Shannon Hurn

Western Bulldogs
Marcus Bontempelli
Mitch Wallis
Tom Liberatore

A lot of contested mids on that list we can target.

No forwards. Walker, Kennedy and Reiwoldt too old. Tabbner is probably the best, can’t believe he’s a free agent.

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Bont please

Who gives a ■■■■. It’s 12 months away from mattering

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If you want to nab a big name free agent…you start working on them now, you don’t wait until July/August next year because you better believe other Clubs will start working on them now.

Yes but that’s up to the club. None of us in here are going to have any influence over that. You can all dream about it as much as you like.

We must BRING all of Kelly, Bont and Cripps

We can call it: Operation Salary Cap Rort


No doubt we will have a crack at Bont Dodo is a big fan and wanted him in the draft

Luke McDonald would be an astute selection. I know he was a nob to McKenna but he organises the Kangas defense fairly well and we are void of defensive marshals after Hooksy and Hurls finish up.

We are in need of some leadership in our back 6.


I’m thinking wider than free agents…if there is a list squeeze on, players can be offloaded like they’re uncontracted (OMG Collingwood).

GOLD COAST simply have too many players. They will have to trade out some decent draftees due to list size and salary cap constraints. I would target the out-of-contract SAM FLANDERS as our next Caldwell-like pick up.

WESTERN BULLDOGS have too many midfielders. And we have now signalled to those players that we can pay a lot more for their services than the Bulldogs have been. Potential uncontracted targets would include LIPINSKI/RICHARDS.

CARLTON have been splashing the cash to bring in mature outsiders. Monitor the form of O’BRIEN/PETREVSKI-SETON who will both be uncontracted…maybe DOW for a salary dump…revenge against Carlton would be nice.


Has been playing in the guts and has been very good, but he’s dyed in the wool north

Bont FA and Dunks in 2021

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Sam Day would be handy

everyone will be putting in offers for Bontempelli and cripps.

Probably why the pies were so determined to clear cap space this year

To be honest, I am not sure 2021 FAs are really going to be the right age profile for our list.

I’d prefer to keep our powder dry, keep investing in the draft and younger players via trade, then go big on the missing piece via FA when we are much (much) closer to a flag.

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Yep, need to rebuild the foundation first.

If Merrett doesn’t re-sign then we are likely not pursuing FAs as it would impact our compo.

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Cam Guthrie could be good value. Weren’t we linked to him in previous years?

No compo

We would match everyday of the week 100%

Force a trade 2 x firsts minimum

Depends where we finish, if we finish with a top 3 pick we would take the band 1 because Merrett will be going to a club in contention so there 1st pick will be late teens