2021 Leadership Group


Heppell ©
Hurley (vc)
Merrett (vc)
McGrath (vc)

I don’t mind it but would have liked to have seen Langford in over Hurls, and we will look a touch silly if Merrett leaves. McGrath in was a no brainer.

Essendon Football Club is proud to welcome two new additions to its 2021 leadership group, with Dyson Heppell set to lead the Bombers as captain for a fifth-straight year.

Zach Merrett and Andrew McGrath have been included in the group, joining Michael Hurley in the quartet of formal leaders for the 2021 season.

Hurley, Merrett and McGrath have been named joint vice-captains to support the highly regarded Heppell, who has been captain since 2017.

Experienced defender Hurley will capably support Heppell in the role, with the 30-year-old set to notch up his 200th AFL game this season.

Merrett will also bring important experience to the role, after his time in the club’s leadership group from 2016 to 2019.

The ultimate professional, young gun McGrath is in the leadership group for the first time in his short career, with the 22-year-old starring as a full-time midfielder in 2020.


So Hurley will be captain?


Heppell captain

Honestly not sure how I feel about any of that tbh.

Two dinosaurs at the end of their career and one dude who probably doesn’t even want to be here.

We are bereft of true leaders.


Looks like the writing is on the wall so to speak

I reckon they’ll share the captaincy duties in the event Heppell doesn’t play much footy.

Great to see Zach back in!


Hurley for the old guard, Hep for the yeah nahs, McGrath to get experience leading a rabble and Merrett for the leader that ■■■■■ off at years end role.

It all makes sense tbh.


Honestly very happy with this,
Small leadership group :white_check_mark:
Zach Merret back in :white_check_mark:
McGrath VC at 22 :white_check_mark:


No complaints from me.

McGrath included gives us the future we are chasing.


I’m surprised Daniher’s not in the leadership group.


No Langers makes me feel angry feels


My concern is that I just feel like things have not progressed at all in terms of leadership.

Hepp has been captain for how many years now? Similar to that, how many times has hurls/ merrett been in and out?

Ideally I would have thought that guys like smith, shiel would be mainstays, while more of the younger brigade like langford/ parish/ridley would be given opportunity.

It’s just the same old from essendon.


Langers is tracking along beautifully. We shouldn’t spoil it with the overhype. Does anyone know him well enough to confirm he will excel at leadership?
Hurley gets a rough deal on here. He’s a natural leader.


He gets a rough deal but I’m not sure he’s a good on field leader at all


I said this last year, having a bloke in the leadership group that hasn’t followed a game plan since the Hird Era.

The fact Heppell is never fit, and you’ve got Hurley as captain who first instinct is to ignore all options and bomb the ball down the line.

It’s hardly f*cking inspiring.


Probably would have liked Hurley out of there. To me he does not seem to be a strong on-field leader when the going gets tough. Still regard him as a good player though.

Hurley should have been shown the door, a few months ago.

Another BAnon smelling the jet fuel…

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Indeed!! What happened to that guy?

But he’s worth 2 first rounders, not only did he come top 3 in our B & F, he is also in our leadership group.

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