2021 Mid Season Draft

How many picks will we have?

And how many talls will Dodoro take?

we probably need more small depth at either end though.

  • At this stage zero picks. All depends on if we put Mozzie, Baldwin, Hurley and/or a future injury on the inactive list.

  • Dodoro will take 157 talls

I hope we pick a 180cm midfielder and play him as a small forward…just to see Blitz go into meltdown.

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I was certain we already had 1 pick

Spent it on Baldwin.

44 players including 2 on the B list. We are full, but Mozzie and Baldwin are candidates to take a low risk rehab and drop to the inactive list.


If a player retires do you get a pick?

Yeah, but I don’t think Hurley will retire, although he’s unlikely to play this year. No Patton style mishaps either.

This is from the AFL website only 2 weeks ago

Seven clubs – Collingwood and Melbourne (two each), Essendon, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, St Kilda and Sydney – have list spots available for the mid-season draft while other clubs will be able to send players with long-term injuries to the inactive list to open up further spots for the rookie selection meeting, which is scheduled for June 2.


Maybe Baldwins already on the LTI List

I wouldn’t have thought Hurley but there are maybe others.

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Either we’ve put Hurley on the inactive list quietly or the AFL journo ■■■■■■ up. I suspect they haven’t accounted for us bringing in Baldwin.

The club team list page has 45 players, including McQuillan who’s retired. That’s our full 44 active senior & rookie A&B list.

Can’t see the vacancy.

When is it?

The assumption will be Mozzie on the LTI
Though the “communications specialist “ obviously forgot Baldwin as the late addition, and just copied from earlier in the season.
Baldwin is hoped to at least play late games in the Twos, and Hurley is a complete unknown- who reportedly was progressing really well, but from a long way back.


I really, really hope that Baldwin is given every chance to play the last third of the season…particularly if he’s on a one-year contract. Mozzie isn’t expected for 5 months and who knows about Hurley.

We shouldn’t be writing him off just to get an extra pick.

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Yes, the team list page has 45. But that includes 1-2 cat b rookies (not sure which of McQuillan/McBride was the cat A and which was the B) and 1 bloke that has returned to Ireland.

So that’s either 42 or 43 depending on which list McBride is on.

Yeah, 45 players on there.

McQuillan was Cat A and has gone home, so that leaves 44.

Hird and McBride are Cat B. That makes the 42 main list / Cat A list and the 2 on the Cat B list.


Sorry, I read good :crazy_face:

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Don’t feel bad, I started counting the players one by one, got all the way to Francis when I realised that player 10 on my count was jumper 10…


Garry Ablett Jnr wants to make a comeback. Do it for a laugh disco.

I thought we were getting Kade Simpson


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