2021 trade spec (Part 4)

Ive got the feeling that if the hill deal falls through we will just go with rachule with pick 11. If hes gone by our pick we will just pick up gibbons.

Geelong will be in lockdown again after he arrives!!

Every chance they’re just kicking tyres and will take Kelly and their draft hand as is. Sweet FA trades of value this year comp wide.

Tell GWS and McCartney to fk off.


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I feel like we need to find a deal, it doesn’t look great if 3 players in the last 2 years publicly nominated us and we only managed to work a deal for one of them.


This is self evidently true.

But there are /will be posters who will be susceptible and get stressed /worried when outright bullshit like “Laverde might get tied into the Taranto deal” is posted.

Or the blatant trash a week or two back “I’m hearing a lot of talk about Bontempelli” .

There’s been plenty more.

Many posters love this sort of crap, essentially viewing it as outright entertainment, but for others there will be gnawing doubt and less than ideal outcomes.

There are genuine ITK posters on here, but at this time of year those who really know probably can’t post. So I’d urge everyone to take this entire thread with very large grains of salt regarding supposed knowledge.

That said, everyone has a shelf life.


i have to ask, is this Bobby Hill actually any good?

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He’s ok. Can do some spectacular things and is lightning quick, but pretty inconsistent at this stage.

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In small sample sizes yes. Kid can jump and find a goal.

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To me, there’s a difference between “I’m hearing that Essendon are interested in Taranto” and “Taranto will be at Essendon.”

The first one doesn’t guarantee that GWS will agree so it’s believable.
The second one seems like the discussions are so advanced that both parties are close to agreeing to a trade.

Xavier Menzies did a lot of the second with nothing to back it up. That’s what annoys some people.

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I have a sneaky feeling out first pick could be traded on draft night… so many players could be still available at 11(13).

Are Port desperate for Draper? What’s it worth?

If Mac Andrews drops to our pick, how much do GWS want to get down from 13(15) to get our pick?

I reckon we would be having conversations like that up until the night. Every club could be wise (or not) to keep close who they rate/want

He’s quick and I think been nominated for goal of the year once or twice.

Outside runner. Think he can kick the pill too.

Knocks - doesn’t find it enough.


Cant believe all that Dunkley saga was last year.
All the afl dramas merge into one long performance with no intervals.

this - and if there is any truth in what’s been said here then it’ll become evident soon enough as it comes out from the trade hub

Massive breaking news.

Jake Stringer set to nominate either Geelong or Essendon with Geelong currently the front runners!


nah, just dont burn bridges and get him when he is out of contract.
thats where we stuffed up ion the past - Martin. Caddy etc, when they were available we had lost interest.

Look at Cam MCarthy ended up getting where he wanted,
look at what Lions paid for Charlie cameron after he played in a grand final. pick 12.
There is no way hill is anywhere near that level.

11 and a future first is off the table second rounder feasible, but send back a third rounder or fourth rounder to help with points.

Yeah but we’re getting prismall!

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It all depends on what we think the Davey Twins will be worth next year.

Anyone genuinely ITK wouldn’t risk commercially sensitive information being promoted on a fan forum.

Even posters who might genuinely know people of influence, and get wind of potential moves, they would be getting that info so far down the chain that by the time they get it, it’s most likely not worth ■■■■.


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