2021 trade spec (Part 4)

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:smirk: we start again

Sydney seems to be the first to show cap pressure.

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Bloody Port will be even stronger adding Dawson. Only slight concern for them will be ageing Boak and Dixon but they’ve built their list beautifully for a real run at sustained success.

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I wonder if jayden hunt is out of contract. Not playing in the seniors, dangerous as a small forward imo.

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Nah, ordinary skills, not a particularly smart player, has one trick, speed

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Yeah so Jordan Dawson out.

Does that put Stephens more out of reach?

If you’re Sydney, you’re probably willing to sacrifice Dawson if it gives you more cap space to squeeze Stephens into.

I’d have that logic.

Prob after they filled up Parker’s bag, Dawson’s the collateral.

You’d take Dawson 10 times out of 10 right now over Stephens. No way you’d squeeze him out to accomodate Stephens. Sydney will be spewing he’s leaving.


Agree, Dawson is a jet.

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Yep, Dawson has really come on. A couple of Crows fans I know are adamant he is heading there but I still think Port has done too much ground work and has a heap of cap space to let him go

If the Swans aren’t confident that Stephens is there for the long term, then I could see them cashing out now and hitting this draft hard

Stephen Wells rebuild. He’s going to come sniffing i reckon

Shiel ?

Cats are surely gonna be gunning for an actual ruckman

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nobody is gonna be in a rush to get to geelong over the next few years.

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That’s up to Stephens. He is out of contract.

Footyology final siren live stream has Finey dropping a Ben Keays to Essendon nugget. Wants a move for personal reasons.


Interesting maybe a bzt for keays swap?

We just re-contracted BZT. Hard to see us trading him now.

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