2021 trade spec (Part 5) - Little Bobby Hill got dropped

Barely: 30 games over 3 years and only 25 goals (14 of them last year from 17 games). Hardly done much to deserve the high salary he will ask and the high draft picks. You would want him to be showing more than that.

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He must have done something right.

Considering we tried to get him last year.

Potential and the fact we had a very bare cupboard. I might also add he chased us, then we thought he was worth the effort, but not at any cost.

We also wanted him. Hence why we entertained the idea.

We can argue semantics all night, if you want.

Yes we can, you seem to be putting all your eggs in one basket and the rest of us are saying wait for the year to unfold before you sell the future for one guy.

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Looked great in the first AAMI game this year.

Early second round draft pick looking to break out.

We just tried to get him before he did. When he does his price will sky rocket because they are hard to find.

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Tex will end up way better than Hill. Bobby just kind of floats around and does cool celebrations. Tex has the spark of brilliance.

Now we’ve got Tex we can trawl the delisting market for half decent back up small forwards instead of shelling out the big bucks/big draft picks for names.


How am I putting all of my eggs in one basket by saying Hill could be at Essendon next year??

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Except nothing is happening until the end of the year and we’ll know more then.

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You should put this thread on ignore then, until the end of the year.

What else are we gonna talk about till then?

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Apparently we’re getting little Bobby Hill in the mid season draft. :rofl::rofl:

Bobby hill, Taranto and Brayshaw

Don’t we have a 2022 trade thread? Could we possibly have this one locked please?

Would Will Powell be gettable from the Suns? Or if anywhere he would go back to WA?

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ideally, this is the place for the 2022 trade spec

Quick let’s get upset about something the club probably isn’t involved with but I don’t agree with it and how dare they!

if they were trying to sell clickbait they would have said essendon was interested as welll…
If McStay is a big name says that there isn’t a lot of free agents this year.