2022 board elections

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Ballot period
Voting will open at 9am AEDT Monday, 28 November 2022 and close at 5pm AEDT Monday, 12 December 2022.

How to vote
You will be able to cast your vote online. You will only be able to vote once, and your vote will be registered anonymously.

What do I need to vote?
In order to vote online you will require your Voter Access Code and your Essendon Football Club Membership Number. Your Voter Access Code and link to the voting portal will be sent via email at the time the vote opens.

Election Information
Following the nomination process, we received eight (8) nominations for the two (2) positions available on the Board. In accordance with the rules of the Essendon Football Club, an election is required to determine these positions.

The candidates for election are:

  • Benjamin Yeo
  • Andrew Muir*
  • Paul White
  • Chris Ciantar
  • Garry Vistarini
  • Andrew Welsh*
  • Alex Aeschlimann
  • Ben Dunn

The order of the candidates as they appear above has been determined by lot by the independent Deputy Returning Officer. The asterisks (*) indicate current Board Members standing for election.

Candidate statements are available to be viewed here.


And the statement from Dave Barham

Dear member,

As a 2022 member you are eligible to vote in the 2022 Essendon Football Club Board Election.

Following the standard nomination process, the Club received eight nominations for the two positions available on the Board. In accordance with the rules of the Essendon Football Club, an election is required to determine these positions.

The profiles of the eight candidates can be found at this link.

The Board encourages all members to vote in the upcoming election and believes a fair and democratic process where all candidates are respected is critical to a member-based Club like ours.

As you will know, there has been significant change at Board level and across the Club over the past three months. We have aggressively re-set the Club and continue to implement the recommendations from the Ernst and Young external review.

This is very important work and to continue this progress the Club requires stability, continuity, and unity at Board level.

As a Board we have worked hard to make the changes required for the future, including what we think is forming the best Board to take this great club forward. But, as always, this is a member’s club, and you will decide. We have a long way to go, and this is part of moving forward.

CorpVote Pty Ltd is independently conducting this voting process. They have been appointed by the Club to protect your privacy and ensure a fair voting process. Voting instructions and information will be sent to you by CorpVote, and all votes are submitted via their secure system. This is a secret ballot process.

The two candidates with the highest number of votes cast are elected. The result will be formally announced at the 2022 Essendon Football Club Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 15 December 2022

Voting will open at 9am AEDT Monday, 28 November 2022 and close at 5pm AEDT Monday, 12 December 2022.

The Club requires stability, unity, and strong leadership at Board level at this critical juncture. We have made significant progress and we look forward to continuing to build upon these strong foundations to create a Club that all our members and supporters are proud of.

I encourage all our members to vote in the process and wish each candidate the best of luck.

Go Bombers,

Dave Barham


Interviews with candidates:

The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast · EFC Director Andrew Welsh is our special guest

The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast · Ben Dunn and Paul White are our special guests

The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast · EFC Director Andrew Muir is our guest

Let me know if there’s others, or post in the thread, and I’ll add them here. I’ll add any socials used for campaigning over the coming days too when I have more time.


The Essendon board is made up of up to 10 seats with a maximum of 6 elected positions and 4 appointed positions. Terms are 3 years, with a maximum of 6 years in an appointed position and 12 years overall. If an elected director resigns before their term expires, the board can appoint a replacement to see out the term. This replacement is considered an elected member.

Elected seats (6)

  • Andrew Welsh - appointed 2022 to fill Simon Madden’s vacant elected position (expires 2022)
  • Melissa Green - appointed 2017 (to Chris Heffernan’s vacant appointed position), elected unopposed 2021 (expires 2024)
  • Andrew Muir - Joined 2015, elected unopposed 2016 & 2019 (expires 2022)
  • Kevin Sheedy - appointed October 2020 to Katie Lio’s elected position. Elected 2020 (expires 2023)
  • Dean Rioli - appointed 2022 to Brasher’s vacant elected position (expires 2024)
  • Tim Roberts - appointed to Sean Wellman’s elected position (expires 2023)

Appointed seats (4) (maximum of 6 years in appointed position)

  • Dave Barham - elected 2015. Moved into appointed position that was vacant after Lindsay Tanner (who had been appointed) took up an elected position at the 2018 AGM. Re-appointed in 2021 (expires 2024)
  • Dorothy Hisgrove - appointed August 2021 to fill Lindsay Tanner’s vacant elected position (Tanner resigned at 2020 AGM after being elected in at 2018 AGM), presumably took an appointed position in 2021 (expires 2024)
  • Kate O’Sullivan - Appointed August 2019 following Ken Lay resigning. (Expires 2022 – Presumably second term to commence following AGM, through to 2025)
  • David Wills - appointed following Peter Allen quitting the board in 2022 (Expires 2025)

Essendon board changes since 2010 (Names in bold indicate President)

Past Elections

(most of this post is sourced from EFC announcements, annual reports, blitz posts of AGMs and social media - let me know if you have any corrections)


Ok, I have a vote and I have no idea who to vote for. Recommendations?


Sign up to The Sash and Lunchtime catch up podcasts.

Both are doing interviews with candidates. It gives you a opportunity to know who they are, and what they’re about.

Edit: the Sash already have interviews with Ben Dunn & Paul White


I will (once I’m off my phone and on my laptop) update the first post with any links to candidate interviews or social media links etc outside of the candidate statements from the club.


Lol well it’s easy to that Barham wants to retain the status quo. The only real threat, Barry Young, was obviously discouraged from running or perhaps enticed by a possible future appointment.

My tip for those voting… think about what you want your footy club to look like, put together a series of questions and put them to each candidate. Sure it takes some time and effort but this stuff is important.

Don’t get conned by the low hanging fruit, the talk of premierships … ask how, ask why, ask for proof of success.


Yeah, when he talks up that ‘the club requires stability’ in the email announcing the election, he’s not leaving a lot to doubt about his opinion.

No finance bros please.

I’d be inclined to lean towards career professionals with minimal connections to the top end of town but I’d need to be satisfied as to their competence and integrity.


And why wouldn’t we, hard to imagine how any board could possibly improve on the perfection of the last few months.


I’ve just read the blurbs by the eight candidates.

Chris Ciantar looks good. Anyone know more about him ?

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My only real comment on any of the nominees so far, without any great research, is that I’m not even going to consider Paul White due to his use of ‘virtue signalling’ in his candidate statement.


You never hear from A. Muir

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I will be voting and pushing for Ben Dunn. I dont know anything about the others so it is really i do know quite a bit about Ben and the key thing is his passion. He doesnt give a ■■■■ about gaming teams etc he just wants a good footy side.

After the draft on Monday from what i know about him…he will be writing out his best 22 for 2023 and ranking the rest of the squad like half of us will be…that in itself is enough for me

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I want to vote Paul Cousins back in.


No women candidates and plenty of grey hair.

Welsh seems to be the guy approved the current/recent in-crowd.

Would like to know what Paul White means by ‘virtue signalling and appeasement’.

Don’t mind the sound of Benjamin Yeo, it could be worthwhile having someone of a younger demographic on the board. Ben Dunn returning also is interesting.

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Did I read correctly no women nominees?


Just middle aged white dudes. BAU.