2022 External Review Urgently Needed!

This club … honestly!

We need an external review of the club right now in 2022!

How many years will we have to keep putting up with this ■■■■?

Brasher says there will be no external review, basically negating the CEO, President and Essendon Board of any outside independent criticism. This is appalling, considering the state we are in at present.

Xavier is given a 2 year extension as CEO, off the back of a 2-7 start, and overseeing this club become the national embarrassment it has become.

Dodoro - How he is still list manager for this club is madness. Surely he has failed on numerous occasions over his tenure to put together a well balanced list, who can compete for a premiership, let alone win a single final. How many times do we have to do another rebuild, because we lack the right players?

Rutten - Lack of a match day gameplay. A complete refusal to have a Plan B, and to respond in real time to teams thumping our hand-ball style gameplay.

Heppell - How he even gets a game, let alone captains the team is beyond me. Does not even make the best 20 half backs in the league!

Cancel your memberships for 2023, if you want to make a statement to the club and to the board, who are supposed to be representing you as members.

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