2022 FF Original Discussion Thread


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A post was merged into an existing topic: FF Original Confirmed Trades

Ah crap. Yeah, you have. The ladder is fully automatic, aside from games played and last round (the losses column relies on the games played to be accurate). I’d updated both before my computer crashed yesterday arvo, but evidently forgot to redo that column afterwards.

Ladder has been updated.

I’ve also moved your Hawkins trade to our completed trade thread.

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Trade period is open.

It closes Sunday June 19th @ 10pm (after the completion of the bye rounds).

MSD positions will be posted tonight as well as a full update of the current squad thread for perusal.


So trade period is open? I was wondering.

MSD Positions

Changes to UF’s Default Positions

  • Massimo D’Ambrosio: B → CB - Played wing last year as well as part of the Young Guns game
  • Brett Turner: C → FC - Can play inside, wing or HF per Adelaide
  • Wade Derksen: CB → F - Has only played 5 games in the past 2 years, 4 of those were as a key forward and I couldn’t find info on the 5th.
  • Zane Williams: F → FC - Forward/mid per Geelong
  • Jacob Bauer: F → FB - Only played 6 games as a forward, played back last year
  • Will Hayes: FC → C - Was a C in the comp last year and has been playing inside mid at Carlton.
  • Jye Menzie: C → F

Already Picked Up:

  • Jai Culley (FC) - Alber_Goodthur
  • Zane Williams (FC) - Allblack
  • Sam Durdin (B) - Trotters
  • Wade Derksen (F) - Jefferson
  • Oskar Faulkhead (C) - Jefferson
  • Brett Turner (FC) - Mad Bomber
  • Massimo D’Ambrosio (CB) - wezza
  • Josh Carmichael (FC) - Windy Dill

Still Available:

  • Jacob Bauer (FB)
  • James Blanck (B)
  • Kallan Dawson (B)
  • Hugo Hall-Kahan (F)
  • Will Hayes (C)
  • Sebit Kuek (F)
  • Jye Menzie (F)
  • Max Ramsden (R)
  • Brynn Teakle (FR)

Still missing surveys from:


Missing some responses from
@jefferson (the final two that were resent)
@fudge (the final two that were resent)
@redbull (three in the middle)

Apologies if I have missed your message. Let me know if you need more time.

Sorry mate, sent now.

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I’ll send mine tonight.
I had the results in a draft then lost it.
The midfielders are relatively easy to switch. The others need a bit more effort.

Pimpinio Tigers coach denies club has a culture problem…

Fremantle forward Michael Frederick has been suspended by the club for one match after consuming alcohol during a six-day break between games.

Star defender Steven May has apologised to supporters and teammates after a physical altercation with teammate Jake Melksham, which was exacerbated by May consuming alcohol while still under AFL concussion protocols.


May deny, but privately seething is the mail I’ve received

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Oh, I dunno…
Might make for a better game.

@Dunlop can i please LTI list Reef McInnes

@redbull: Done.

@Allblack - Will have the poll PM back with you before midnight.

Players Unavailable this Week:

  • Tom Stewart (Dunlop)
  • Bailey Smith (Jefferson)
  • Patrick Parnell (Neela)
  • Lachie Weller (Neela)
  • Colin O’Riordan (Windy Dill)
  • Isiah Winder (FAs)

Every other player from Adelaide, Geelong, Gold Coast, Sydney, West Coast & the Dogs including 0 scoring subs Jeremy Sharp & Harry Schoenberg are eligible to score for your side this weekend.


In Greece, IDK for all right now :slight_smile:

FAs have been processed.

I think I may regret not realising there was a Thursday night game and not snagging Judson Clarke.
CB’s Caleb Marchbank pick is a skip pick as Marchbank is on Dunlop’s list.

another week, delisting injured crap and replacing with (soon to be)injured crap

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I hear you.
I was in that cycle for seven weeks.

I now only have 12 more changes left for the rest of the season.

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Nice pickup Sal. I’m kicking myself, I met Juddy the Tuesday after the Tigers lost to the Swans and he told us he was close to selection. I thought about picking him up then. His mentor is Lambert and their teaching him the Lambert role.