2022 FF Original Discussion Thread

Greetings everyone and welcome back for our 16th season.

It has been another covid affected off-season, so I hope everyone managed to find some time to relax and rejuvenate amidst some possibly stressful times.

I would like to start by formally congratulate @Vandrs on his ten years in the competition, whilst the Flying Dutchmen never quite managed to play finals, narrowly missing in 2014, his feud with Windy Dill was a much-needed source of levity over the years and will be missed.

We have managed to secure an excellent replacement though, a man who knows exactly what it takes to lead a team to the premiership, he is also the tireless leader, statistician and record keeper of BBFL#2, @redbull. I hope you’ll make him feel very welcome and I’m sure Vandrs will take the time in due course to explain why all Dill’s players are spuds.

Invites have been sent out for the new season, if your email has changed please PM me your new one. Alternatively if your circumstances have changed over the off-season and you feel no longer able to coach your side, please PM myself, Blummers or Allblack ASAP so a replacement can be found.

Key Dates
The AFL is again using Labour Day to play the final game of the pre-season and the season will now commence on a Wednesday rather than the traditional Thursday, which compresses the time to complete the draft slightly.

Trade Period Ends: Sunday March 6 , 11pm ADST
Keepers Due: Monday March 7, 11pm ADST
Draft (Officially) Starts: Tuesday March 8, 9am ADST
AFL Season Starts: Wednesday March 16, 7.20pm ADST

Those with early picks may kick things off as soon as the trade period ends should they wish to.

Teams with excess players
After the conclusion of the AFL draft period, the following teams still have more than 30 players and will need to publicly delist players before beginning any trade discussions.

Draftee (and Returning Player Positions)

I haven’t watched much U18s lately, so I have extended the sources used to compile these to 5: (AFL club write-ups, AFL Draft Central, Knightmare, another draft expert, as well as my own knowledge for the state leaguers).

Adams, Oscar BR
Akuei, Domanic # BR
Aleer, Leek B
Amiss, Jye F
Andrew, Mac FR
Archer, Jackson B
Banks, Sam CB
Bazzo, Rhett FB
Benning, Roy FR
Bergman, Miller CB
Brock, Sandy # B
Brown, Tom B
Burgoyne, Jase CB
Butler, Sam FC
Callaghan, Finn CB
Chesser, Campbell CB
Clark, Greg C
Clarke, Judson FC
Cleary, Luke B
Conway, Toby R
Curtis, Paul F
Daicos, Nick C
Darcy, Sam FB
Dean, Charlie # B
Dempsey, Ollie # F
Draper, Arlo FC
Erasmus, Neil FC
Fahey, Josh CB
Gibcus, Josh B
Goater, Josh CB
Hamilton, Cooper # CB
Harrison, Harvey FC
Hobbs, Ben C
Horne-Francis, Jason FC
Hough, Brady FC
Howes, Blake FC
Jackson, Hugh FC
Johnson, Matthew FC
Jones, Arthur FC
Knevitt, Mitch FC
Kroeger, Flynn CB
Kyle, Josiah # F
Lohmann, Kai F
Long, Ned # C
Lord, Alastair B
MacDonald, Connor FC
McCartin, Paddy # FB
McComb, Robbie # C
McDonagh, Garrett CB
McVee, Judd # CB
Moniz-Wakefield, Andy # FC
Motlop, Jesse F
Murley, Cooper FC
Nankervis, Luke FC
O’Hara, Fionn # CB
Owens, Mitch FC
Parker, Charlie # CB
Peris, Jack # C
Raak, Cody # B
Rachele, Josh FC
Rankin, Lachlan FB
Roberts, Matthew FC
Serong, Jai FC
Sheldrick, Angus C
Sinn, Josh CB
Skinner, Sam FB
Soligo, Jake FC
Sonsie, Tyler FC
Stengle, Tyson F
Taylor, Zac FC
Tunstill, James C
Uwland, Bodhi # CB
Van Rooyen, Jacob FB
Visentini, Dante FR
Voss, Patrick # FC
Wanganeen-Milera, Nasiah C
Ward, Josh C
Warner, Corey C
Whyte, Cooper FC
Williams, Jack FR
Willis, James C
Wilmot, Darcy B
Windhager, Marcus FC
Woewodin, Taj CB
Worner, Karl # C

Proposed Position Changes

With CD publicly releasing their centre square attendance data, I managed to analyse every AFL match - probably the first and last time this happens. The full game by game spreadsheet is available to view in the event anybody wants a copy. Regular VFL/SANFL/WAFL positions have been decided via their club write-ups, BigFooty game reviews and my own observations. There are more changes than normal as all scratch-match regulars from 2020 didn’t lose any positions for 2021.

I’ll have a separate post for methodology later as well as the current positions for unchanged players (should anybody wish to nominate a change for those players). For now though, here are the suggested changes. If you disagree with any of these (your own players or those from any other team please make it clear in this thread, so they can be compiled for the position polls).


Cox, Nik FB C
Garcia, Riley C FC
Hird, Tom # C FB
Larkey, Nick FR F
Lukosius, Jack B CB
McDonald, Luke B CB
Rankine, Izak FC F
Serong, Caleb FC C
Stocker, Liam CB B
Williams, Zac CB B


Baker, Liam B CB
Butts, Jordon # FB B
Cutler, Tom C CB
Dixon, Charlie F FR
Fyfe, Nat FC C
Hall, Aaron FC FB
Hayes, Sam FR R
McGrath, Andrew CB C
O’Brien, Tim FR FB
Zorko, Dayne C FC


Byrnes, Ryan C FC
Farrar, Jy FB B
Foley, Luke CB B

Crazy Bomber

Aliir, Aliir BR B
Edwards, Harry FB B
Greenwood, Hugh FC C
Guthrie, Cam CB C
Hill, Brad C CB
Keays, Ben # FC C
Markov, Oleg FB B
Menegola, Sam FC C


Cerra, Adam CB C
Clark, Hunter CB B
Collier-Dawkins, Riley FC C
Duggan, Liam B CB
Higgins, Jack FC F
Lewis, Mitch FR F
Nash, Conor F FC
Phillips, Will C FC
Rowbottom, James FC C
Strachan, Kieran FR R
Tucker, Darcy FC CB


Bianco, Trent CB FC
Jordon, James CB FC


Blakely, Connor # CB C
Dangerfield, Patrick FC C
Harmes, James CB FC
McPherson, Andrew CB B


Bowes, Jack CB B
Honey, Josh FC F
Hoskin-Elliott, Will F FC
Stephenson, Jaidyn F FC
Swallow, David C FC

Mad Bomber

Campbell, Braeden FC CB
Hind, Nick FB B
Moore, Dylan FC F
Prior, Jaxon B CB
Richards, Ed FC FB

Awesome Scotty

Billings, Jack C FC
Bowey, Jake FC B
Holmes, Max C FC
Jones, Zak CB C
McHenry. Ned FC F
Petracca, Christian FC C
Sinclair, Jack FC CB
Weller, Lachie CB FC


Bruhn, Tanner C FC
Burgess, Chris FB FR
Francis, Aaron B FB
Hannan, Mitch F FC
Pickett, Marlion # C CR


Blakey, Nick FC FB
Cottrell, Matt # CB C
Green, Tom C FC
Hunt, Jayden FB B
Powell, Tom C FC
Rivers, Trent CB B

You Shall Be Smoten

McEvoy, Ben BR FR
McInerney, Oscar FR R
Petrucelle, Jack FC F
Rioli, Daniel F FB
Treloar, Adam C FC


Bergman, Miles FC CB
Cockatoo, Nakia FC F
Johannisen, Jason B FB
Mundy, David FC C


Balta, Noah FB BR
Brayshaw, Andrew FC C
Hewett, George C CB
Jones, Chayce FC FB
Koschitzke, Jacob FB F
McAsey, Fischer FB B
McDonald, Tom FR F
Rozee, Connor FC F
Spargo, Charlie FC F
Taranto, Tim C FC


Bramble, Lachlan # FC CB
Close, Brad # FC F
Graham, Jack C FC
Noble, Jack # B CB
Powell, Wil CB B
Simpkin, Jy FC C


Acres, Blake FC C
Bosenavulagi, Atu FC FB
Curnow, Ed C FC
Draper, Sam FR R
Guelfi, Matt CB FC
McCartin, Tom FB B
Stewart, James F FB
Walters, Michael FC F

Windy Dill

Bonar, Aiden CB B
Docherty, Sam B CB
Martin, Dustin C FC
Martin, Jack FC F
O’Connor, Mark B CB
Tuohy, Zach FB CB

Free Agents

Allison, Matt F FB
Bell, James FC F
Brown, Tyler CB C
Buckley, Jack FC CB
Cox, Brennan FB B
Davis, Ben # F FB
Daw, Majak # BR FR
Edwards, Shane CB C
Gollant, Lachlan C F
Graham, Caleb FB BR
Hamill, Will CB B
Hill, Bobby FC F
Jeka, Emerson FB F
Lord, Ollie F FR
Madden, James # CB B
McBride, Cian # B FB
McKenzie, Dan B CB
Miller, Ben FB B
Nyuon, Bigoa # BR B
Owies, Matt # FC F
Ryan, Samson R FR
Shaw, Will # CB FC
Sproule, Zach # F FR
Stone, Conor FB FC
Turner, Kayne FC FB
Williams, Dylan FB F
Wilson, Tom # F B
Worrell, Josh FB B
Young, Lewis B BR

On behalf of Blummers, Allblack and myself, we wish everybody the best of luck for the upcoming season, hopefully we’ll see some more first-time finalists repeat Jefferson’s impressive showing from last year, and maybe this’ll be the year everything clicks for one of the 11 coaches that have yet to taste premiership success.


Cheers Dunlop.
Do the CD CBA stats take into account for wing positions?
I hate it when an inside midfielder comes in off the wing. It can skew those figures a bit.
I noticed it with Selwood and Jed Anderson (in the few games they had).

My favourite time of the year!


Delist Rory Atkins & llod Meek

Good ole Rory Atkins.
Another player in a long list of failed trades…

Is there a way to see my list?

Go to draft and then nominate keepers.
You can view other teams lists by clicking on view keeper selections.

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I’ll Delist Sam Collins please

I may be missing something obvious here, but when does trade period begin? I only see an end date

Looking forward to hopefully atoning for what last year turned out for the club, both personally and coaching wise. Good luck to everyone for the coming year.


I think it starts as soon as everyone’s list is back down to 30.

The myrmidons would like to advertise for the following club positions:

Old duck behind the goals that yells ■■■■ from the early 50’s (i.e. chewy on your boot)
Young forward players
Rival team (have been trying to needle @wimmera1 but he never bites)
3/4 time orange slicer (must have appropriate OHS and food safety certs)

We will no longer be taking applications for the position of ■■■■ head bogan, we are well stocked in this area

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I’m happy to have a rivalry with anyone who won’t cry.


The current squad thread is updated. The draft order is also now up, as well as a thread for trade discussion. I’ve also reopened the old confirmed trades thread to post your finalised trades in.

This is a sample of what CD released each week: Rd 1 CBAs, they focus exclusively on the 4 players that start in the centre square, so wings aren’t included. So I compiled the wing stats myself as well as everything for Rd 23 and the finals - CD didn’t release anything due to fantasy seasons being over. For my own spreadsheet, each player’s mid starts are broken down - whether they played both roles (and how often) or whether they were exclusively wing or inside.


Thanks for the welcome @Dunlop. Really looking forward to the challenge and to continuing @Vandrs legacy of taking down @Windy_Dill at every possible opportunity!

I will be looking to renovate the list so ask away for any players in a trade. Everyone and every pick is on the table for the right deal.

Also please cut Harrison Petty. Even though he won’t trade for him, I’m sure Windy Dill will be excited about the prospect of picking Petty up in the 4th round of the draft now that he’s back in the player pool.


If anyone wants to challenge a position on a player, just post it here. We’ll give everyone until Saturday midnight (AEST) to post, then a PM will go out Sunday morning with instructions on how to vote.
The position polls will run concurrently with trade period. It’s a buyer beware situation.


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welcome aboard, @redbull

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Can you post the CBA data on Jed Anderson?
From what I read he was more of a FC last year but maybe he didn’t play enough games.
I doubt I put him up for position poll this time around, but maybe the next one.

Also, thoughts on Maginness from Hawthorn? In the reserves I read he was playing off the backline quite a lot, but don’t think that role occurred when he played seniors. Of course, that was before covid shut down VFL for the season…

Thoughts on Connor West as well. Played midfield at WAFL, but when in seniors played more forward. Not sure he played enough games though.

The yin and yang of Fantasy Footy.

Finished top in one league, bottom in the other…

Sheesh. Hoping for a much better year in this comp.