2022 trade speculation (Part 1)

Trade all of our future draft picks for the rest of time for Tom Green.
Recruit purely via SSP and MSD from then on.
Guaranteed premierships.


I know its early but the last draft/trade period was a butcher job. Team is miles away from the best and we did nothing. Let teams pick off all our targets by refusing to get involved, then panicked and picked a VFL player, who lets be honest should have been a rookie pick (at best) who wont play a game for Essendon but will now sit on the list for 2 years. Lost of things have changed at Essendon over the years, but one constant remains, and i have fucken ZERO faith in the snake oil salesman as all.

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@Finding_Nino, Dunkley is out of contract this year.

And 3… 2…


We are starting to sound like FARK Carlton, which could mean another x amount of years of mediocracy

I don’t think I will ever understand that McDonagh selection.

I mean clearly we were really upset that we missed out on someone we were heavily into.

I think Arthur Jones, the indigenous kid from Western Australia who looked sensational for the dogs in that practice match against us.

But why McDonagh??

Apart from Hobbs on night one, it really felt like Dodoro and RFK were like kids who got denied ice cream from their parents in that draft.


There’s a bloke at the Giants called Hird who’d be pretty good I reckon

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Yes who will nominate Essendon and the deal not get done this year


We can rule out anyone out of contract this year. Narrows it down a bit.

Should have drafted Nic Martin.


Wonder if anyone will try and leave this year.

Let them.

I reckon there will be a couple.

Not us though, we’re here forever.


What if it’s Stringer. Not sure my heart could take it.

Did we ever get formal confirmation that McDonagh was actually given two years? Because if not, picking a 25 year old with the mandatory third ND pick when there are no U18s players left you like the look of is a perfectly justifiable choice.

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Whats Alex Morgan doing these days?


Pretty sure all national draft picks get 2 years (which is why teams pass and take rookie draft choices instead).

23 and over can be given a one year contract.

What a fullback and full forward please

Footywire says 2 years.

Another site I found just had ‘??’ next to his name.

So no, not seemingly confirmed at all.

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I’d love to see a Stringer De Goey combo, he’s a FA we should look.

I’d also target Angus Brayshaw and see if he wants to play inside mid for us, we need that defensive big body and he’s the best one in the league not actually playing the role at the moment, maybe we can turn his head.