2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Do you guys have to manually update the player positions within The Bench?

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Yes I will do this today

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Thanks mate. Just pre-planning my squad for free agency.

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All these changes are now made on The Bench

Player Club Initial position New position
Ben Keays Adelaide MID MID/FWD
Jake Soligo Adelaide MID MID/FWD
Jordan Dawson Adelaide DEF DEF/MID
Josh Rachele Adelaide FWD MID/FWD
Wayne Milera Adelaide FWD DEF/FWD
Cam Rayner Brisbane FWD DEF/FWD
Darcy Wilmot Brisbane DEF DEF/MID
Dayne Zorko Brisbane FWD MID/FWD
Lochie O’Brien Carlton MID MID/FWD
Taylor Adams Collingwood MID MID/FWD
Will Hoskin-Elliott Collingwood FWD MID/FWD
Jye Caldwell Essendon MID MID/FWD
Andrew Phillips Essendon RUC RUC/FWD
Cooper Hamilton GWS DEF DEF/MID
Lachie Whitfield GWS MID DEF/MID
Adam Kennedy GWS DEF DEF/FWD
Cam Mackenzie Hawthorn MID MID/FWD
Finn Maginness Hawthorn MID DEF/MID
Lloyd Meek Hawthorn RUC RUC/FWD
Will Day Hawthorn DEF DEF/MID
Curtis Taylor North Melbourne MID MID/FWD
Harry Sheezel North Melbourne FWD DEF/FWD
Jack Ziebell North Melbourne FWD DEF/FWD
Kayne Turner North Melbourne DEF DEF/FWD
Will Phillips North Melbourne MID MID/FWD
Kane Farrell Port Adelaide MID DEF/MID
Miles Bergman Port Adelaide MID DEF/MID
Rhyan Mansell Richmond DEF DEF/FWD
Trent Cotchin Richmond MID MID/FWD
Hunter Clark St Kilda DEF DEF/MID
Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera St Kilda MID DEF/MID
Zaine Cordy St Kilda DEF DEF/FWD
Harry Cunningham Sydney DEF DEF/FWD
Matt Roberts Sydney MID MID/FWD
Jayden Hunt West Coast DEF DEF/MID
Bailey Smith Western Bulldogs MID MID/FWD
Caleb Daniel Western Bulldogs DEF DEF/FWD
Jason Johannisen Western Bulldogs FWD DEF/FWD
Josh Bruce Western Bulldogs FWD DEF/FWD

Thanks mate!

Available players list updated

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Reminder to all that this change will be happening from tomorrow


Have picked up a FA but can’t figure out how to delist someone. Thoughts?

Go to the squad tab and there is a bin on the right side of each player.

Doesn’t seem to be there on mobile. Will have a look on the desktop later

Turn your phone to horizontal and should see the bin button


Man this website. Good call

BBFFL#2 Round 6 Results
Ivan 977 Lost to Stoops 1094
Wezza 1282 Defeated AVanderScreamer 1243
Trotters 1314 Lost to Crazy Bomber 1533
TrevorBix 1160 Lost to cafegerat 1380
Saladin 1316 Defeated Aceman 833
frosty 1124 Defeated Don to Death 1062
The Ant 1160 Lost to Redbull 1285
The Melkman 1581 Defeated Smooth 1228
Nozza 1225 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1590

BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 6


Free Agency this week
With the short turnaround and no Thursday night games, @DonToDeath will be closing Restricted Free Agent selections at 7pm on Thursday evening. Successful picks will be listed later on Thursday evening.

Unrestricted free agency will then open at 10am on Friday and close at the first bounce on Friday evening.

I will be updating the available player list shortly.


A win!


Available player thread updated

@redbull We need your bank details to pay for The Bench access this year dude.


Do you guys have bigger phones than me? Even horizontally my phone doesn’t get past the “drafted” column. And it won’t horizontally scroll. Am I missing something.

For reference my plan is to delist McGovern

Been stuffing around for a while. Can’t work it out on the phone (stupid old person obviously). Won’t be able to get onto a full sized computer until after the match has started tonight.

Don’t have McGovern on field, so I figure no dramas, but just in case… (theoretically could have LTId him as well, if I’d registered that his hamstring was tendon + surgery, but probably too late now).

@DonToDeath @redbull