2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

2022 BBFFL#2 Season Launch
Welcome to BBFFL#2 for season number 11. Our reigning premier is Blitz favourite @saladin who’s list build was extremely well managed before he claimed the ultimate success. After topping the ladder in 2021 will @No_5 be able to revenge his straight set exit or will former premiers in The Melkman or ivan find their way back to the top in 2022. At the other end of the ladder will @smooth and or @The_Ant be able to climb up the ladder after laying solid foundations to their lists? Or has Bix time finally arrived for @TrevorBix in 2022?

As you will have seen, we have had two coaches leave us. A big thanks to both. @Come_Back_Hirdy was a founding member of BBFFL#2 back in 2012 and was a fantastic contributor over the years. His draft reviews will be a big loss - although he has offered to continue the tradition for other teams. The other coach who has handed over the controls is @Vandrs who stepped into the breach not once, but twice, with little notice when a coaching vacancy arose. Both will be sorely missed.

However, with an exit another door opens. Pleasingly we have two new coaches who are very much looking forward to the challenge of a keepers league. The coaches are @AVanderScreamer who will be taking over the reins from Come Back Hirdy, while @frosty will now be coaching Vandrs team. Please make them feel welcome and help them out with any questions. As we all know, the greater the contribution from the coaches, the more enjoyment it is for everyone.

AFL Preseason
Originally the preseason was only going to consist of one official match but it now seems all clubs have arranged a second hit out. The first lot of matches will commence on 23 February and the second round will take place from 3 March to 7 March. The keys dates for this season are outlined below. As with last year, we have an aggressive timeframe for the draft period but this is to help with ensuring we get the best look as possible at players before finalising our keepers.

Invites to UF have gone out tonight - let me know if you haven’t received the invite or if you have changed your email address. Great work to the 4 coaches who have already signed up.

As a reminder that the onfield setup is as follows:

Backs x 5
Centres x 6
Forwards x 5
Ruck x 1
Utility x 1

Note, emergencies only replace a non-scoring player if they have the same position allocation, unless:

  • your utility doesn’t play the first scoring interchange player will replace them.
  • should your ruckman not play and you have another ruck in your starting 18 then backup ruck will move to the ruck position. Emergency cover will then be provided to the position from which the backup ruckman has come from, ie if a RF ruckman is played as a forward but is needed to cover a ruck spot then the first listed forward emergency will become a scoring player.

We will be having lockouts through the season for the first Saturday game. However the deadline to sign free agents will be by the first Friday night night game. As per previous years free agents will be allocated on Thursday evenings which allows all coaches to lodge claims for free agents once the AFL team are now.

For any potential top up players, ie Paddy McCartin, we will again allow them to be picked up at any time in our draft, which would include before they are officially AFL listed. Clubs have until 9 March 2022 to finalise their supplementary picks so it should not be too much of an issue.

Assuming the AFL continues with their mid season draft we will also run a mid-season draft after round 11 like we did last year, with reverse ladder order used to select newly listed players.

Preseason match 23 February to 7 March
Round 1 commences 16 March

Final trades to be finalised by 6pm 6 March
Squads to be trimmed to 20 by 7.30pm 7 March
Evening of 7 March a spreadsheet with available players will be circulated
Draft to commence no later than midday on 8 March
Draft to be completed by Tuesday 15 March
Partial Lockout for Round 1 at 7.10pm Wednesday 16 March

I will be updating the current squad thread this evening with the squads as at the end of 2021. Please note the following coaches need to trim players to bring their squads back to 30:
Aceman - 1
AVanderScreamer - 1
Don to Death - 2
Stoops - 2
TrevorBix - 2
Wezza - 1

Please post your delistings in this thread.

Draft Order
I will post in the next day or so the draft order as it currently stands after our midseason trade period.

For our keepers, my preference is for you to select your 20 keepers in UF rather than posting in Blitz. Any trades that take place will not be reflected immediately on UF and I will add the players once the keepers are finalised. Anyone wishing to list a LTI will have to do so prior to the commencement of the draft to get a pick in the post draft ‘LTI Draft’. Otherwise you will have to wait until the first free agency period to acquire a replacement.

For the draft we will have 30 places available in our squads until it is completed. Once the draft is finalised I will increase the squad size to 32 which will then allow coaches to be allocated with their LTI replacements.

Draft Format
We will once again be using UF for the draft. It has worked really well the past. I will still send out the initial spreadsheet with averages for the last couple of years (including an adjusted value for 2020) and also post the overall draft picks in Blitz. The combination of email alerts and texting should ensure the draft moves smoothly.

We haven’t seen much action on the trade front yet, but it would be great if everyone was active in trying to improve their lists and or draft positions. Please do the right thing by other coaches and respond to their PMs. There is nothing more frustrating than a non response.

As always let me know if you have any questions or issues. Go Bulls!


Thanks @redbull.

Welcome @frosty and @AVanderScreamer.

Cannot wait to get stuck in this year. Another year in to my young squad and some returning injured stars should hopefully see me push higher up the ladder and if I’m lucky challenge for a top 8 spot.

But simply I just want a couple of big scalps.


Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to working out how this works.


Welcome to frosty and AVanderScreamer.

Good luck for the new season.



You can delist Liam Jones and Robbie Fox.

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Yep, welcome to the league Frosty and AV.


BN Matthew Cottrell CA - C

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I’ll delist Ned Moyle and Ian Hill

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So to understand the process.

I can’t see any of my players in UF. Is this normal?
And secondly do we list our dumped players here? should we list them all at once?
My bottom 10 are pretty clear cut.

Head to the draft tab and nominate keepers section, you should have the list of players there to choose who you want to keep


Thank you…I look forward to claiming a scalp or two in upsets…knocking someone out of finals contention!

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Yay @frosty ! Welcome to you and @AVanderScreamer ! :slight_smile:

@redbull do we a list of our draft picks, I have so many I can’t remember them all!

I am planning on updating the draft picks as they stand tonight.

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I have 1 player to trim to get to 30…I will delete Charlie Dixon…can I do that now or do I do it when I trim down to 20? If now…how do I do that?

Just post in here. You won’t be able to do anything on UF.

Any delisting now means you can’t trade that player. Therefore if you think a player may have trade value over someone else you probably won’t keep then you could cut someone else.

Great thanks. Charlie Dixon…out injured…that cut gets me to 30

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Draft order now updated in a new thread

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Great work by everyone who has signed up to UF so far. It looks like we have 13 coaches who have joined. By my count we are only missing:



I’m not joining until smooth announces how cowardly resignation again.


Complete newbie to this type of FF. I’ve read the settings and rules and have plenty of questions.

How does this play out? Cut to 30 now?

Cut further pre draft?

Are there any limits that I should be aware of?

And I assume the team position of “utility” is whatever I want it to be?

I’m sure I will have plenty more. Apologies for all the noob questions.