2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

nice score @redbull, mine, not so much.

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I’m really not sure where the past 2 weeks have come from. But I’m very happy to take it. Fingers crossed it’s somewhat sustainable.

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400+ points difference from last round to this round. That’s a fair swing. Probably due in large measure to our kids - Martin, NWM and Weddle all tonned up, but that obviously isn’t happening every week. We’re quite volatile.

Coleman got subbed out. Not sure what the issue was. We seem to be copping an injury or suspension every week, it’s just a constant shuffling of players.

If we can field a full strength side we can do some damage I think. Against anyone. But equally, there’s no guarantee we even make the 8 .

And I somehow need to reprogramme my brain to “The Bench-ish” , because every single week we make mistakes with the lineup, and can’t find the focus to look at FA’s.


About that, does anyone have any tips for using the bench to find FA? I find it a bloody slog. I filter to say R10, sort by score and go through, but yikes

I think there is a ‘Players’ tab where you can get a full list of every player per club. I look to see if they’re assigned to a team already. If not, they’re a FA…

I’ve been wrecked at the selection table. How tough are we being on the donut policy this season because figuring out who is available for selection and has been picked irl is an absolute pain in the arse tbh

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I have three rucks playing this week, what is this sorcery?


okay, I see how you can use that. The stats page on the other hands…What am I missing here?

I was also taking a bit of interest in luke foley until I found out he was a middle aged politician:

Also, there is also some sort of automatic classifier in the descriptions but its well broken, and calls everyone “tacklers”, before reeling off some nonsense statistics. ChatGPT would do a better job.


Tested this:

This is the statistical averages of Zach Merrett, in the AFL (Australian Rules Football league):

0 1 16 12 4 6 0 1 1 6 3 4

He averages 16 kicks, 12 handballs etc. What sort of footballer would you classify him as?

ChatGPT Answer:

Based on the statistical averages you provided for Zach Merrett in the AFL, he can be classified as a midfielder.

Here’s a breakdown of the statistical categories:

  • Kicks: 16 average kicks per game indicate that he is actively involved in initiating plays by kicking the ball.
  • Handballs: 12 average handballs per game suggest that he also participates in distributing the ball through hand passes, which is common for midfielders.
  • Marks: 4 average marks per game imply that he is capable of catching the ball after it has been kicked by another player, showcasing his ability to position himself well and provide an option for his teammates.
  • Tackles: 6 average tackles per game demonstrate his defensive capabilities and willingness to apply pressure on opponents to regain possession.
  • Hitouts: 0 average hitouts per game suggest that he is not primarily involved in ruck contests, which are typically performed by taller players.
  • Frees For: 1 average free kick received per game indicates that he attracts fouls from opponents, possibly due to his skill and ability to draw fouls.
  • Frees Against: 1 average free kick conceded per game shows that he commits fouls himself, although this number is relatively low.
  • Inside 50s: 6 average inside 50s per game signify his involvement in delivering the ball into his team’s forward 50-meter area, which is crucial for creating scoring opportunities.
  • Rebound 50s: 3 average rebound 50s per game suggest that he is also involved in defensive actions to repel opposition attacks, showing his versatility.
  • Clearances: 4 average clearances per game imply his effectiveness in gaining possession of the ball and initiating his team’s attacks.
  • Clangers: 0 average clangers per game indicate that he makes minimal mistakes, such as turnovers or poor decision-making, highlighting his skill and composure.

Based on these statistics, Zach Merrett appears to be a well-rounded midfielder who excels in both offensive and defensive aspects of the game. He possesses good kicking and handballing skills, contributes defensively through tackles, and is involved in generating scoring opportunities as well as defensive efforts.


That’s awesome. Can you get a write up of how Team Bix is performing?

BBFFL#2 Round 11 Results
Stoops 1227 Defeated frosty 1184
Saladin 1435 Defeated The Ant 1163
TrevorBix 1284 Lost to The Melkman 1375
Trotters 1349 Defeated Nozza 1237
Wezza 1126 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1323
ivan 1195 Defeated Smooth 1161
AVanderScreamer 1242 Lost to Redbull 1299
Crazy Bomber 1436 Defeated Don to Death 1218
cafegerat 1431 Defeated Aceman 713

BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 11

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See below updated positions. These are now updated in The Bench:

Chayce Jones Adel DEF DEF-MID
Ed Curnow Carl MID MID-FWD
Zac Fisher Carl FWD FWD-MID
Matthew Kennedy Carl MID DEF-MID
Billy Frampton Coll DEF DEF-RUC
Ben Hobbs Ess FWD MID-FWD
Xavier O’Halloran GWS MID MID-FWD
Lachie Bramble Haw DEF DEF-MID
Harrison Petty Melb DEF DEF-FWD
Dylan Williams Port FWD DEF-FWD
Riley Bonner Port DEF DEF-MID
Darcy Byrne-Jones Port DEF DEF-FWD
Ben Miller Rich DEF DEF-RUC
Xavier O’Neill WC MID MID-FWD
Luke Edwards WC MID MID-FWD
Anthony Scott WB MID MID-FWD
Jack Macrae WB MID MID-FWD
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I am going backwards fast. 3rd lti in 4 weeks coming up with oliver hollands i think

BBFFL#2 Player Scores with Round 12 Bye

Player Club Position 23 Aver Blitz Coach
Luke Parker SYD C 90 Aceman
Max King STK F 73 Aceman
Hayden McLean SYD F 60 Aceman
Mattaes Phillipou STK CF 54 Aceman
Corey Warner SYD CF 17 Aceman
Nick Blakey SYD B 77 AVanderScreamer
Oliver Florent SYD B 71 AVanderScreamer
Sam Switkowski FRE F 62 AVanderScreamer
Jye Amiss FRE F 50 AVanderScreamer
Harry Cunningham SYD CB 49 AVanderScreamer
Brad Crouch STK C 99 cafegerat
Oscar McInerney BRL R 81 cafegerat
Tom Hickey SYD R 70 cafegerat
Andrew Brayshaw FRE C 111 Crazy Bomber
Rowan Marshall STK R 108 Crazy Bomber
Josh Dunkley BRL CF 106 Crazy Bomber
Jordan Clark FRE B 74 Crazy Bomber
Jade Gresham STK CF 71 Crazy Bomber
Jack Higgins STK F 68 Crazy Bomber
Jack Gunston BRL F 54 Crazy Bomber
Lincoln McCarthy BRL F 49 Crazy Bomber
Brandon Walker FRE B 38 Crazy Bomber
Will Ashcroft BRL C 83 Don to Death
Brennan Cox FRE B 71 Don to Death
Charlie Cameron BRL F 68 Don to Death
Matthew Johnson FRE C 44 Don to Death
Jack Sinclair STK B 96 Fogdog
Jaeger O’Meara FRE C 82 Fogdog
Luke Jackson FRE RF 79 Fogdog
Robbie Fox SYD B 70 Fogdog
Brandon Starcevich BRL B 48 Fogdog
Conor McKenna BRL B 65 frosty
Mason Wood STK C 90 Ivan
Sebastian Ross STK C 76 Ivan
James Aish FRE C 74 Ivan
Ryan Byrnes STK CF 73 Ivan
Tom Papley SYD F 64 Ivan
Ethan Hughes FRE BC 56 Ivan
Daniel Rich BRL B 77 nozza
Will Hayward SYD F 66 nozza
Jimmy Webster STK B 58 nozza
Caleb Serong FRE C 109 redbull
Errol Gulden SYD CF 107 redbull
Lachie Schultz FRE F 74 redbull
Josh Battle STK B 65 redbull
Jack Steele STK C 98 saladin
Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera STK CB 84 saladin
James Rowbottom SYD C 75 saladin
Jarrod Berry BRL C 68 saladin
Michael Frederick FRE F 63 saladin
Keidean Coleman BRL B 61 saladin
Ben Paton STK B 55 saladin
Cam Rayner BRL BF 66 Smooth
Braeden Campbell SYD B 62 Smooth
Nathan O’Driscoll FRE C 59 Smooth
Jake Lloyd SYD B 95 Speedy_Gonzales
Dayne Zorko BRL CF 83 Speedy_Gonzales
Dougal Howard STK B 52 Speedy_Gonzales
Nat Fyfe FRE CF 39 Speedy_Gonzales
Callum Wilkie STK B 84 Stoops
Liam Stocker STK B 78 Stoops
Zac Bailey BRL CF 71 Stoops
Darcy Wilmot BRL BC 51 Stoops
Harris Andrews BRL B 69 The Ant
Dan Butler STK F 58 The Ant
Lance Franklin SYD F 49 The Ant
Luke Ryan FRE B 99 The Melkman
Hugh McCluggage BRL C 80 The Melkman
Joe Daniher BRL F 78 The Melkman
Chad Warner SYD C 94 TrevorBix
Sean Darcy FRE R 93 TrevorBix
Hayden Young FRE B 90 TrevorBix
Justin McInerney SYD C 67 TrevorBix
Lachlan McAndrew SYD RF 42 TrevorBix
Lachie Neale BRL C 94 Wezza
Bradley Hill STK BF 77 Wezza
Isaac Heeney SYD F 77 Wezza
Hunter Clark STK CB 72 Wezza
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BBFFL#2 Round 12 Bye Players - Free Agents

Player Club Position 23 Aver
Sam Wicks SYD F 72
Ryan Lester BRL B 61
Bailey Banfield FRE F 56
Eric Hipwood BRL F 53
Cooper Sharman STK BF 51
Ryan Clarke SYD F 49
Anthony Caminiti STK F 49
Alex Pearce FRE B 48
Lewis Melican SYD B 46
Aaron Francis SYD BF 44
Josh Treacy FRE F 41
Darcy Gardiner BRL B 38
Sam Sturt FRE F 33
James Madden BRL B 8

When does trade period start?

Our midseason trade period will start next week. A formal announcement will go out beforehand.


well i’ll have some veterans on the table

seb ross
mason wood
liam shiels
tom mcdonald
jarryd lyons

maybe saad