2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

He esceeded my expectations. But it’s only around 1. Will regret delisting McCreedy I feel.


Looking like a long season here.

Struggle game and injuries to boot

A) do we have a database that has scores updated end of each game?

B) we can potentially hack it up in excel

He fit my draft profile, but I worried about him in starvation corner getting points over so many other Collingwood players.

Any update on how this is going to work this year mate?

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Sorry. I got caught up in the website being down.

I’ll posts something tonight, but it’ll be the same as last year, where everyone sends a PM to @FF_Original_FAs .
It’ll still be Wednesday night.
My only worry is that Thursday’s and Friday’s are my busy days so if I get things wrong (because of the way thebench is with available players), I won’t be able to fix it until around 5pm on Thursday. That’s not ideal at all.

Can you do me a favour and read the rules.

It’ll probably take a bit to get used to but you find your sweet spot with it.


Round 1 thoughts…

1331 vs 1345 loss, highest-scoring loser for the round. Might be a continuation of the 2022 fixturing after all :smiley:

With Petrucelle an emergency I didn’t bother swapping Connor MacDonald back into the line-up on Friday when the Sunday teams were announced. He comes on as substitute and clocks 4 points while Macdonald gets 89. So the loss is down to team selection. With Perryman also logging 4 points a potential 1400+ score in round 1 is promising.

As far as other regrets go, there was a very small window last season to nab Setterfield as a free agent and I missed it (think I just had a busy day at work and missed FAs that week). As a team that can support some pure Cs that’s a miss. Also Sloane over Ward, or even Durham already feels like a big miss but time will tell.


The good…

  • 1265 for 16 players was better than I expected.
  • 2 players scored 100+. Only 3 sub 60 scores.
  • a few good things at VFL / SANFL level. Brayden Cook is being used off the backline which is good. Hind might get a look in soon.
  • some very encouraging scores. Pedlar, Mackenzie, Byrnes, Setterfield, Bytel are all looking good.

The bad…

  • 5 emergencies was rough. Mostly in the area of need (my backline).
  • I have to find someone to delist, but I don’t really want to drop anyone this early. Not sure who goes.

The ugly…

  • my backline.
  • Look like the Hawks are going with a ruck duo. Ned Reeves scores are going to suffer. He’ll have to sit the bench.

Round 1 thoughts:

Backs: Cox went bananas which was a saving grace, as everyone else bar McGovern was a flop.
Collins was out from a dirty shot and that hurt, Andrews had his hands full with a chest puffed Dixon.

Mids: Boak, Yeo and Menegola out really hurt, as did Nash starting as sub. Neale along with all of Brissy had a dirty day and looked sub par, as did Danger and Geelong.
Oliver was ever consistent, Mason Woods preseason form held true and looks a new man thank christ.

FWD: I was tempted to play McGovern down here and may well have to if my fwds continue the way they started. New kid on the block Menzie was great, old man Breust stood up, but Butler was hopeless and Walker deplorable. Could need a large reshuffle here!


Happy to get the win this week and equal my tally from last year.

Bit more ■■■ than class but I’ll take it.

Encouraging signs from my forward group and pleasantly surprised with my defenders but my midfielders let me down again continuing from last year.

Is CCJ LTI eligible?

I think we’re ready for FAs.
I’ve got the order in the FA thread ready. I’ll delete last years selections when I jump into the other account after I’ve processed FAs.

Waiver order is right I think.
@Dunlop can you just check it.
It’s not being used this week so it’s not important.


A few things of note regarding FAs…
I’m going to be a little lenient on names provided in the short term. Please try and include as much info so I can identify the player though.
I was used to the UF system, so that was my sole source of truth.
Whoever you’re choosing, I’ll be searching the name in Dunlop’s draft xls sheet first then using the search button on thebench website.
I think we almost have every player in the website (at ones stage Cincotta wasn’t there and we were working on replacements) so hopefully we’re okay but it might get confusing because the website includes some historical players who are no longer on a list or duplicate players (e.g. Tom Fullarton, Jen McLennan). These players have no position assigned so please observe the player position on thebench when making your choices.

In the past, if you selected a player that was already on another team, I’d consider it a ‘voided pick’ but for the short term, I’ll just consider you’re next available pick.
Hopefully, we should smooth out the issues, I’ll be able to trust thebench website and we should be back to a relative normality after a few weeks of FAs.

For the time being, we’ll continue with the 30 changes per season rule. I’ve come closest to using them all, so there shouldn’t be too many problems with it, but in the past UF would track it and Dunlop would adjust it so LTI replacements weren’t included and I’m not sure if thebench can do the same thing.

On LTIs. If you can, please be sure to have the LTI approved prior to sending in the FA request. If possible, post it here so I’m aware. For the first few weeks, I’ll accept LTI replacements as part of FA but if the LTI isn’t eventually accepted, you’ll need to nominate a player to drop. You can’t throw the player you picked up back into the FA pool. It’s a bit unfair on the other coaches who may have wanted that player with a pick after yours.

Please also remember to send PMs to @FF_Original_FAs. I’ve set up that account so that I don’t get a chance to even see a snippet of who you pick until I process the picks after the deadline. I also send my picks to it for transparency. I want my picks to be mine, without anyone else’s lists interfering with my thinking (not that it’s helped much).

Best of luck to everyone with FAs.
We should be okay. I’m sure we’ll iron out any problems with the setup.


I’ve completely blanked on how it works. With there being a game Thursday, is FA’s tonight? (to get in before the wednesday team reveal)

It’s Wednesday night.
Usually there is no Thursday night games, but there are some early in the season.
It sort of needs to be Wednesday night to give everyone a chance to react to the injury lists that are usually updated by 9pm on Tuesday (the two WA teams are usually lagging a bit behind).

So, there is the added benefit of having a games worth of team selection before the deadline.

It’s Wednesday night for regular season.
As soon as finals begin, it’s Thursday night so that we maximise the chances of having full teams for finals.


I’m coming back on to month of nightshifts as of tonight.
Would it be ok if I send through my FA preferences tomorrow day before my shift begins tomorrow? I usually don’t get to busy, but I may get called out for jobs at inopportune times knowing my luck

No problems sending it tomorrow.
You can send FAs whenever you want. Even as early as Sunday night if you prefer. And I’m fine with you adjusting the PM as often as you like until the 11pm deadline. I’d prefer you reply to your PM, but also have no problems editing them. The only problem is there is no time stamp on edited PMs, so I can’t tell if the edit was after the deadline or not.
I usually only log onto the FF_Original_FAs account when processing the FAs (usually between 11pm and 12midnight on the Wednesday) and maybe once more before the weekend if I have to edit a post or something like that.


You can make the same adjustment on The Bench

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@Dunlop was Hayes approved on declined?

Given Bench only allows you to view the first page of available players for each position, I’ll be updating the available players thread each week - it has now been updated. This week its 2023 average and overall average, from next week it’ll offer Rd score + 23 average, if people still want the overall average included let me know, but I think it may get confusing for scanning and will be largely irrelevant after a few rounds.

Bench Warning
Like UF, Bench makes your default team for the next round whatever your side was at the start of the round. So if you made most of your changes after the start of Carl-Rich, make sure you look at your side early and alter things so you don’t get caught out and have to alter things via the annoying long way.

Rd 2 Lockout
Things aren’t as easy as UF for setting lockouts (its just rolling lockout on/off), but we’re going to attempt to run a normal Friday lockout. I think it should lock things if we turn off the button once the Friday game starts, but I’m not 100%.

LTI Requests
@saladin & @The_Mad_Bomber: Wright & Howe both approved
@Crazy_Bomber: Denied. It’s just a setback with the original injury which doesn’t make it LTI eligible given the injury occurred on Jeff’s list
@Awesome_Scotty: Need to wait a week on him, if he’s still TBC next week I’ll accept him.

Please note with LTIs this season, you are responsible for picking up your own LTI replacements.