2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

Thank-you to everyone for how smooth this year’s draft ran.

Welcome everyone to our 18th season, our first without UF in roughly 10 years and our first ever without our most successful coach, Fudge (not bad, for a Melbourne supporter).

Here is Fudge’s phenomenal career:
17 seasons coached (331 games+)
5 x premierships
5 x Runners-Up
13 x Finalist
1x Brownlow Medallist (Jimmy Bartel, 2008)

Overall Record (2007-22)
Games Played: 331
Won: 229
Losses: 100
Draws: 2

Played: 37
Won: 27
Lost: 10

Whilst he wasn’t a regular poster on the boards, he was intensely competitive and a regular trader - every single victory against Fudge was hard-fought, and I say this as someone who struggled to beat him for 10 years. Welcome to his replacement JBaller - you’ve already shown yourself to be a savvy drafter - we wish you well in adding to the team’s legacy and hope you’ll prove as tough an opponent as Fudge did over the years.

Thank you to everyone that has paid so far, I’m just missing payments from

Rd 1 Lockout
The switch will be confusing enough for those in both leagues without adding different lockouts. So for Rd 1 we’ll mirror League 2 and run a rolling lockout this week.

Team Names and Icons
You could change your team name pre-draft, but I can’t find a way to do it now. If you want to change your team name, just tag me in this thread with your new team name. Your team icon/picture can be changed by selecting “My Profile” in the upper right hand corner, click the picture and you’ll be able to upload something different.

Free Agents
The free agents thread will remain up until we see how usable/navigable FAs are on Bench. If need be the thread will be updated every week.

The LTI Schedule (what round players can be elevated from) can now be found at the top of the current squad thread (I tried it on Bench but the formatting was a mess). You’ll also be able to find the LTI rules there as well, what is and isn’t eligible - links to injuries/prognosis are appreciated as whilst I’m across most things in the injury sector, I may not have seen new info on your particular player. In most cases it’ll be a simple yes or no, in some cases I’ll wait for further information.

On behalf of Allblack, Blummers and myself we wish everybody a successful season.


Can I get you to check the position of Matthew Johnson from Freo on thebench.
I have him as FC (may have been a carry over from last year) and I didn’t think he got switched to C.

Yeah he should be FC. Fixed

Provisional team, I have not looked at the ins or outs at this stage other than for tonight’s game.

Switched Sinn for Silvagni on the bench.

Good luck, everyone.

Ohhhh, this sucks.

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I’ll take another look through my list tonight.
Think there’s another error, but I’m in transit.

Wow. Didn’t realise Fudge’s history. What a champ.


This is sooooo fuuuuuucked…

I can’t change Young to Hughes.
This is faaaaarked.

I’ve got an empty and locked bench spot.

System shows Hughes in your side?

So glad I’ve only got Acres for Carlton and zero Richmond tonight.

Yeah, now it does.
I had to do some bullshit to make it happen.

I’d hate to have six potential players playing tonight.

Two donuts for me this week.

This new platform is awful. Really awful.


May’ve found a fix on my end. Who do you want in that spot?

I can’t get my team anywhere near like how I want it,
Again, glad I’ve only got one player playing tonight.
I mean…it doesn’t matter, I’m playing CB.

But it’s important to me that I do my best.
And I worry about other teams.

No live scoring?

No. I informed everyone at the time that Bench likely didn’t offer live scoring.