2023 into 2024 trade talk (Part 4)

I think you need well run AFL academies in ‘non football’ states.

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I don’t get how the “Northern clubs” can complain about father sons, didn’t Brisbane get the number 1 pick last year through this mechanism. I know GWS & GC. But the other two can get stuffed.


Simple fix. There is a big issue with the AFL players now being too ‘white and private school’. We don’t want the competition ending up like rugby union.
Andrew Ireland a commissioner at the afl even mentioned this recently that we need to attract players from more multicultural backgrounds to the game.

To balance out the northern academies for all traditional states clubs, each vic, s.a, w.a club should be able to run academies and get access to any kids they bring through from non white/european backgrounds. So that doesn’t include good old whitey that’s got 1 percent indigenous 3 generations back, or a player who’s parents from nz or south africa or england that typically grow up with other white friends, so are exposed to footy like any other Aussie kid (this is how it was exploited in the past).

So kids with both parents from Indian, Asian, middle eastern or African backgrounds, within a clubs nga zone can be signed at any time at all during the draft (same as we saw with gc last night).

There is no cap on clubs academies too, so the richer clubs finally get some benefit for all their money by setting up a good academy. It evens out the northern states advantage, but has the added benefit of fixing the AFL’s multicultural player problem.

It would also bring additional multicultural fans to the game. For example a few kids coming through of Indian background will help the competition tap into that massive potential supporter base of ex pat Indians living in Australia, which would be a win for the AFL.

By the clubs pushing it you’d see huge investment and a massive up tick in players from diverse backgrounds at the highest level, especially compared to now.

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Call it the Ben McNiece academy!

They will now start filling the stadium for 2 reasons. They will be ok and local talent brings local fans.

Local fans couldn’t give a toss. They’re just a bunch broncos and titans fans doing nothing on those days off. If different teams on the tv, they would rather watch 2 NSW NRL teams play.

Titans were ok.

Yeah the titans crowds really reflect that.

And even if they did, no one would care


I’m not against the northern academies, but what Spike said isnt exactly true. The suns academy has Leo Lombard who looks like a first round pick to me, and the Lions academy has Sam Marshall who’s around the mark. There are others who could push up. This year was one out of the box for sure, but the Northern Academies collectively are generating multiple draft prospect every year.

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Ebbs and flows but is a massive advantage

For example take Heeney, Mills, Gulden, Blakey, Campbell out of the swans lineup, and yeh they might have got some B Graders in stead, but access to top 10 quality talent when playing finals is a massive advantage.

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Not sure how much this actually means but the U16s AA team has a lot of academy players in it, imagine they all develop well, the 2025 1st round will be a mess.


Bahaha 12/22 are northern academies or Tasmania. ■■■■■■■ AFL

Kalani White is Jeff White’s kid and might choose Dees F/S. But I agree that it looking stacked for the Northern Academies.

Dyson Sharp is an absolute gun as well. Remember the name.


Maybe its the longer term effect on Victorian kids being forced indoors during lock down…


It’s going to continue in some form until GC and gws are successful and have well established fan bases.

It wouldn’t surprise though to see a cap placed on the number of 1st round bids that can be matched. They probably start with a cap of 2 and reduce it to 1 over the next few years is my guess

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Does this fark reliase that the chances of a F/S becoming a gun are less likley?

Wonder if he will still think its fair if Melbourne had an elite academy player they devloped for years and a club with a higher pick swoops and they cant match

Brownlow Medallist Gerard Healy is fine with the extra access for the Suns, believing there are enough factors against them to balance it out.

“I’m not as negative on this one. I think the Academies need to be there to balance out a lot of the negatives that they don’t have,” he said.

“The Giants and Suns don’t have father-sons. They’ve got a massive go-home factor, they play at the MCG for the Grand Final, there are some issues there that can never be addressed.

“We went through this with the Giants when there was a photo in the Herald Sun of 10 premiership cups because a recruiter said they would win 10 in a row and so they took the Riverina off them which is one of the great Academy areas.

“Hawthorn haven’t had a number one draft pick in a while, but geez they had some priority picks and went on a Grand Final winning spree. Geelong has done it better than anyone, they’ve had some great father-sons.”

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said it before, get rid of academy matching and have a list spot or two specifically for academy picks

clubs can secure the best talent they invest in, but no more GC situations where they can secure 4 first/second round players for absolute chips


This already exists. Its dependent on your finishing position on the ladder. (Going from memory now) - If you finish outside the top 8 you can match as many as you like. If you finish inside the top 8 you can match maximum 3. Inside the top 4 maximum 2. If you make a prelim or better you can match maximum 1.

I might not be 100% right on the details but its something like that.


Keep pick matching, but only in the first round and with no points discount for GC and GWS only, but with an expiry of 2040.

For everyone else, including Swans and Lions, have bid matching with no discount from the 2nd round onwards.

This will mean that all clubs bar GC and GWS have the same father son and academy rules. GC and GWS then come under the same rules from 2040 when there is a reasonable chance that their original players could have had children.

Leave the rules the way they are.
We know how this is going to work.
Rules are changed to balance out and we are left boned because we had to ‘match an academy bid’ and miss out on the gun that was selected a few picks later.

Recruitment needs to spend its time trying to pry players away from the ones with strong academies. You can’t have that much talent going into a club without any leaving.