2023 into 2024 trade talk (Part 4)

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did we win yet


We should be getting a little bit more back for losing a KPP


Tyler Brockman got traded to Freo over the weekend. I was under the impression that they closed down for Saturday and Sunday. Just goes to show how much alot of this is played up so Trade Radio has content. Kane Cornes was discussing “Top Specimens in the AFL” at the tail end of last week where he basically listed guys with impressive phisiques. They are creatively bankrupt and completely out of touch with their audience.


I think they can lodge the paperwork but it’s not fully finalised till Monday morning. Might be wrong.


Where did you see this?

afl.com.au has him going to the Eagles as of yesterday -

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No, but I heard we are getting the Makita back.


No, you are correct. AFL HQ will sign off on it Monday

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*My apologies. It was West Coast, not Freo

Continuing the discussion from 2023 trade talk (Part 3):

Thanks for the insight but surely the club know that we’d be turning up to armed warfare with a water pistol. Doubt we’d be in the top 5 clubs with the capital to satisfy West Coast.


Nah I’m sure the allure of the eagles having Matt Guelfi is too attractive to give up


I found North first proposal to get Pick 1 off the Eagles laughable. Picks 2 and 3 not part of it, I think the deal was Pick 15, Pick 18 and their future first that the AFL gave them for next year as part of their handouts and I think a 2nd rounder was part of it. LOL! I fully expect the Dees to go in for it, same with the Hawks. Dogs now have Pick 4 after the swap deal with the Suns so they might try and move up to the top pick.

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Given WC knocked back the Hawks offer of two top 5 picks for Reid, I can’t see the Dees getting it done either. I was surprised Eagles knocked back the Hawks offer

North probably has to offer 2 and a bunch of later picks to get it done


Do the Hawks have two top 5 picks?

Zero change we can trade for pick 1. Just no way eagles accept our offer.

WCE will give up Reid for pick 2, but not for less than and I don’t blame them

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They offered pick 4 plus their future 1st which you would say is another top 5 pick

WC not giving up Reid unless they’re certain to get Curtin.
They’ll only trade with North I reckon - if they trade

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2 or maybe 3.

They absolutely won’t do it unless they are absolutely certain of getting Curtain. We just don’t solve that issue for them and so are not in the conversation.

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So Reid can be freed
if they’re certain to get Curtin?