2023 Mid Season Draft - Wednesday May 31 2023

I think at this time, with where we are, it should 100% be about talent acquisition rather than filling a short-term hole.


Our History

Snelling - fill a need (Devon Smith injury)
Durham - best available
D’Ambrosio - Best available
Menzie - fill a need (Walla retirement)


You should probably add a link and acknowledge that the summary came from Rookie Me Central.

I actually think Teal sounds like a type we need. Someone who can support Kelly if we want a second lockdown defender. If he is a “smooth-kicking defender” and “running half-back” who can play on guys like Sheezel, then he could be very useful. Arguably missed the national draft due to an injury interrupted year (appendicitis then collarbone), I’d want to know how he’s tracking this year injury wise. Presumably well if he’s being talked up for the MSD.

And if he’s still playing as a defender he might get to our pick.

More info:

Article talking to him ahead of the draft.

AFL website bio ahead of last year’s draft.

An athletic defender who runs and creates off half back and can also play on the wing. He is strong overhead and a good player in one-on-one battles. He missed the early part of the year with a bout of appendicitis, before a collarbone injury further interrupted his season. However, he returned to play for Victoria Metro in the deciding game of the 2022 NAB AFL National Championships U18 Boys against Victoria Country. Played four NAB League games with the Oakleigh Chargers, averaging 18 disposals, and also played some excellent football with Trinity Grammar. Tested extremely well in the agility test, with his time of 8.267 seconds ranked sixth at the national AFL Draft Combine.


The issue with the MSD will be anyone nominating for 18 month contracts. Our list spots may be tight that we may need to pass on anyone who nominates such a contract.

I could see an argument for Naismith if we didn’t think Phillips would continue beyond this year, or we thought we could let him go at year end for some free agency picks^.

^ does that apply to MSD free agents? I don’t think any have gone to a different club yet


Given we knew we would be getting the Daveys, and that Tex would be back from injury, Menzie may have been best available too.

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I think Naismith would be worth looking at, depending on how Bryan is rated internally. Phillips has to be in his last year and his output has not been good the last few games. A mature age guy with a body for now can be our back up for the next few years if Bryan doesn’t improve

I rate Naismith higher than Phillips.
but getting on the park has been his problem, plus age, but yeh might fill a gap until Bryan is ready. Or at least provide selection pressure for Phillips and Bryan.

I agree. We need a replacement for Heppell on the HBF and a strategy to get Langford permanently in-front of the ball. A hard-nut medium defender with good skills and a touch of pace would work really well for us.


At this rate, we’re going to be a team of Mid Season and Supplementary pick players. They seem to always be fit and available while the guys you hope will inject that star power from the 1st and 2nd rounds of the National Drafts seem to be chronically injured lol.


I’m open to Persuasion as to whether we should draft William Elliot.

* looks around furtively to see if anyone else got that reference *

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Pretty dodgy character, from my understanding. May need to wait for Tasmania to enter the league…an even more opaque reference.

Ha. They’re discussing Mr (Sam) Darcy in the Reid thread…

Right up dodos ally another skinny kid pass

Rookie/SSP/MIDseason rookie best 22 (originally drafted as)

b; D’Ambrosio McBride Kelly
hb: Montgomerie Baldwin Teal
c: Martin Snelling Durham
hf: Menzie Draper Munkara
f: Walla VOSS Wanganeen
r: Phillips

can almost do a best 18


Plenty of prejudice here, not much pride.


Even if Bryan does improve, he is unlikely to be ready for AFL football as the #1 ruck across a full season next year. If anything happened to Draper, we’d need some mature back-up.


We will make finals this year.

A 100kg 196cm+ stopgap kpd please incase we run into Geelong or port in the finals.

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The 1st and 2nd rounds over the last 6 national drafts have been an absolute waste land. Impossible to build a contending list when you get nothing from that.

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Sam skinner is available.

How funny that for years we’ve been taking the ■■■■ for drafting half back flankers and some want to draft another :rofl::rofl:

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