2023 trade talk (Part 1)

Vozzo said we would be chasing FA but never said we wouldn’t look at trades as well

The same Esava that just conceded 5 goals to Weideman ?

I concede, ive mentioned him in prior Trade threads.
Has not looked good when ive watched Geelong this year.


the same. rather him on Hawkins, Harry McKay, Dixon, Lynch and Naughton than anyone on our list

Brodie’s hardly Robinson Crusoe in that regard. The whole side’s playing like busted arsses… Longmuir will be lucky to see out the season.

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Nah, Ridley goes alright on Naughton.
Reckon Zerk could do that job also.

The 1993 Baby Bombers 30th Anniversary

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Depends on who they are targeting.

If we can bring in a player with 5+ years of their prime left I’d be open to trading picks.

Even more reason to target him.

yep no stop gaps.
If you don’t rate a kid that’s fine, go find a better option, but then get rid of that kid.
there’s no point (as a pure example) of saying we need another kpf, going out and getting one and then keeping jones on the list for another 3 years.

“if” we need another quality KPF then get rid of jones, and most likely voss, and start again at the draft.

the only people i could see us potentially chasing to replace as a spot/s is if redman and parish are out the door.

otherwise it’s pointless as there’s a backlog already of supposedly young and talented kids who need to be given game time, if they get over their injuries and figuring out where they sit.

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Is Brodie any better than Setterfield? I could argue Setters is better


If Brodie’s 2022 form is anything to go off I would say they are on Par.
I think the addition of Set and the weekends game has shown we could do with another big mid on the list.

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I don’t think we’d have those two though. Too similar and slow.

Whilst a bigger body would be nice who could play permanent mid you’d want them to be more dynamic.

Brodie had his chance. Knocked us back and then following year chose Freo


I’m happy for opposition clubs to get games into kids and then we take them when they are ripe.

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When has that happened??

2MP, Weed and Setterfield.?

Were they ‘ripe’ when we got them???

25 years old’s all having their best years first up at our club, yep.


Were they ripe when we got them???

They were discount ripe, not premium ripe.

We paid $2 a kilo from the ethnic grocer not $100 a kilo from the exotic importer.