2023 trade talk (Part 2)

I said he was a bowl of custard, not a spud so you can’t be referring to me.

Prolly right why come to us

North will pass us in a year or two.


No, i had you in the sensible criticism pile.

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It was either

  • North get pick 3 and Hawks get a key defender that won’t cost picks.
  • North get pick 3 and we get a key defender that won’t cost picks.

I’m happy we got him.


He also said he was Port bound until they signed Esava, and that he wants to play as an intercept defender and NOT on the Hawkins of the world! Not sure if his wish will be granted.

Im pretty stoked tbh thats our key back sorted for the next 5-6 years means we wont need to rush Reid and Hayes and they can develop in the vfl for a few years


He’s not worth that, but it is a sellers market. But, I think we need to look at the bigger picture; he frees Rids up to do what he is elite at, and is an upgrade on Zerk (at least on the big guys). You never know, his best years might be upon us


Just like the Undertakers undefeated streak, by getting McKay we now take our trade period wins to an undefeated 20-0. What a club.


Reid and Hayes won’t be there in 5-6 years. We just farked their development.


With one of my best mates being a North fan I did a few North games this season and knowing we were interested watched him closely.

He has a very had habit of going for a wonder and leaving opponents out the back.

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Only 2 years away from losing to Lesnar. Does that mean we win a final in 2 years? :joy:

What! No way dude, we already got a gun at that



Will free up lav too he wont have to take forwards that a bigger then him


My thoughts fwiw are that due to a confluence of circumstances he has absolutely been paid more than what his record so far suggests that he deserves. But… it does fill a clear need in our list build and we get him without giving up a draft pick. That’s a real positive.

Having a genuinely big key back should help our lighter framed tall defenders to get a strong reference point.

I do hope that his best footy is ahead of him.


Who said we got McKay?

I hope I’m left with egg on my face anyway.