2023 trade talk (Part 2)

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keep trading


Welcome to Essendon Buddy Franklin.

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@Humble_Minion Can we do that because we suck too

Sack Dodoro, getting in early.


Not letting @Houli_Dooli get away with the fact that he has suggested a hypothetical Bont trade.

I really don’t see how we can improve from here.

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Is it worth Trading for Tarryn Thomas?
  • No - Too much baggage
  • Yes - Swing for the fences Dodoro, BDB wil keep Thomas in check

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Who is Tarryn Thomas?

I only know Tarryn TRINDALL.


I’m not sure a big money, long term deal for Ratagolea screams “well thought out rebuild”. I’m wondering if some improved form in the back half of the year has Mitchell overestimating where they are at and then overplaying his hand, Essendon 2017 style.


People talk about the embarrassing ■■■■ Essendon has gotten up to in recent years (and rightfully so!) and forget how embarrassing for the Whoreks that coach Mitchell was on the phone calling every other club trying to flog off every guy on their list over 25


I’m not sure that’s what they’ll pay him, but if you have a heap of cap and you can front end a contract then get the player you need. Especially if you’re not using a heap of draft capital.
Hawthorn have shown themselves to be ruthless, something we’re not

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I wonder if @Riolio has plans to go camping during trade period this year?


Get good kids now before the draft is compromised further by Tassie joining.


Why didn’t Dodoro think of that?

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Only bring in quality players, not jobbers.
Which is a completely realistic and achievable expectation.

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I’m not quite on board with the whole Tarryn Thomas thing, but the best case scenario of him playing good football as a midfielder for us is very tempting.

With Stringer really not being able effectively play the role of explosive, X factor midfielder any more, it is potentially an opportunity. I can see why we might be interested.


It’s worth raising Stringer, as I think they’re comparable situations.

We don’t have the established culture like Geelong or Sydney to get the best out of Thomas, just like we haven’t gotten the best out of Stringer


It’s a difficult one.
Love him as a player for us. He’s done some terrible stuff. Everyone deserves a second chance, but he’s also one more ‘mishap’ from never playing again.
Tis a tough one.


Thats why we don’t/won’t pay too much for him.

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Crows want BZT with Murray sidelined for next season.

Doodee would fit in our side well