2024 BBFFL#2 Discussion


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@redbull will the RFA time frame be earlier due to the Thurs night game?

RFA or FA doesn’t open until tomorrow because of the Monday game. I have already been asked via pm if we can pick a FA today but i said no as it can be done after RFA tomorrow however i see that @The_Melkman has picked a FA now.

Melk can you delist the player you chose so it’s fair for everyone as i think those that were interested in the pool, realised to leave it until tomorrow as it’s all a day late due to the Monday game.

Just clarifying, I thought FA was open to all while the round was open just like the rolling lockout? It then shuts down after the last game.

However it looks like the system deems last weeks bye players as FA already, as all players are RFA, except for GCS & GWS.

None of us have used this new system so it’s been a bit of a suck it and see but originally FA was supposed to be closed at the first bounce of the round

After RFA selections have been processed and players allocated all players will then become FA and are available to anyone up until the first bounce of the game that week with no effect on your RFA ranking.

However coaches have picked up players after the first game. I didn’t say anything about it at the time and don’t know if its a good thing or not. How does everyone feel about it?

The assumption was that FA would close at the first game and not open again until after RFA the next week but that’s not how it works apparently.

Sorry I did go looking for that, but must have missed it. I was looking at picking up my first player.

I was worried I’d done the wrong thing, but looks like there was a flurry of activity before the first game this week.

Might be be a couple across each round that are late though.

Ok no worries. Sorry I thought we were just doing FAs in line with the AFL Fantasy platform (ie when players are available in the game as FAs they are available to select) rather than tied to specific deadlines like first match.

All players who had a bye last round are available as free agents currently in the platform, rather than as restricted FAs so I don’t think we will be able to allocate them as restricted free agents unless we do it manually on here?

As for the question about first match deadline, I definitely would support keeping the rolling lockout for picking FAs as it will minimise. The sub-group which it might we worth not allowing selection would be for players delisted in the same week, where their timer as restricted FAs seems to be reset at the start of the round and they are then able to be chosen which is odd.

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I don’t think there would be many, if any, that would want any of those bye players as an RFA selection so they can just be picked up as FA if they are wanted.

I assume when you delist your pick from today he will also go straight to FA but again, i’m not sure how it will work tbh.

EDIT: He has gone straight to RFA.


Are you now saying that any players from teams who had bye can be picked up as FA before the RFA deadline?


No players can be picked, whether FA or RFA until after tomorrows RFA have been processed.

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Just checking it’s ok to request RFA now. Then wait and see tomorrow if it comes through?


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Would someone mind outling the process and the timing for RFA and FA as it stands now please

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Normal week: RFA closes at 12.00pm Wednesday. After RFA players are allocated all players become FA.

The only difference this week is that the close is Thursday, due to a Monday game.


I have to say, I’ve no idea on the difference between RFA and FA on the app, how the app allocates players to one category or the other, or the procedure on how to request them.

Ok so i’m pretty bad at anything to do with mobile phones but here is my best guess. Maybe someone who does know what they are doing can confirm/help.

Go to the Players tab, click the “more filters” button, click the "all players box and change it to RFA.

Heres the part i’m not sure about and dont want to experiment in case it gives my the player instead of an option.

Slide the player you want to the left and press FA. My guess is that will give you the option to delist a player and then lock in your RFA rquest.

Due to the bye last week there are no FA players to be taken until after 12.00pm when all the RFA requests have been processed and all those RFA players will be converted to FA players.

This is for an Android btw.

Hope that helps.


Just go to players tab at top

Filter and sort by RFA (and player position if you need to)

Then click the dots on right hand side of relevant player and hit “free agent”button, will come up with another field that allows you to then pick a player to be delisted. Then have to wait to see if win waiver

Same process after RFA cutoff ends except can filter by FA and it just auto adds the player once you choose to delist someone

Note: you can see your RFA requests in the RFA tab at top and can edit/cancel etc


Pretty good weekend , considering we have some first choice players out injured and are just plugging holes.


Can someone explain how the RFA order works?

I thought it wasn’t “current ladder position”?

The RFA order is reverse ladder order only for the first week before anyone has taken any picks.

From then on if you have a successful RFA claim, you go to last pick, then if someone has a successful claim after you, you are second last pick and so on and so on.