2024 BBFFL#2 Discussion

For ease of clarity for the League admin, please submit all Keeper lists in the 2023 discussion thread .

Everything beyond that, in here. I’ll lock the other thread once Red and Co tell me they’ve got all Keeper submissions.


This ‘opening round’ round bullshit is going to make for a very tight draft schedule. Don’t drag your feet peeps…

Round zero scoring not counting in supercoach

Just gives opportunity to see 8 teams play before fantasy football season starts

Would assume we’d be doing similar…

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Interesting. And I guess those players involved can just play their average when they have their ‘extra’ bye

Reposting from the other thread


Officially draft start is 12pm tomorrow AEDT.

Unofficially we can kick-off whenever @Aceman takes the first pick


In Supercoach do you need to finalise teams prior to Round O?
Or are teams not locked til round 1?

Do we have a list?
Or do we do it on AFL fantasy?

Trade Period Chaos , Saracens Summary 2024.

Right let’s be frank. Between player retirements, position changes, a little loss of enthusiasm - and some selection errors - due to the awkwardness of The Bench and then the shift to AFL Fantasy, the Saracens list was in a bit of a state. Not a good state. And then it got worse. The announcement that the new field of play would comprise 5 centres simply didn’t work for the 27 players available. Nor did the ruck situation. It had been a problem last season, now it was catastrophic.

I wrote the list out, and the first thing I wrote in red pen was “must find a ruck”. The 2nd was " convert mids to defenders" . Because of the 6 defenders needed, only three names available seemed worthy. In contrast , the forwards and mids looked reasonably healthy. The obvious thing seemed to be to find a ruck and a few defenders, using the extra mids if possible. I also have “trade early” scrawled on the page. I thought that many others would be in the same boat and needed to get on the front foot, as it were.

I actually wrote out possible midfields for every coach, and sent PM’s to a few that I thought may have been looking for Centres. Some responded, some didn’t. I threw out Acres, Ward and Berry as possible trade targets. I also listed out possible ruck options and PM’d a few there too. Meanwhile, Melk got in contact , interested in Jack Steele. Ordinarily, there’d be no chance. I’d drafted Jack in his first year and he’s a club favourite. But the Ruck position needed a guaranteed starter and I reluctantly decided that if he could fill two roles then I had to consider it. Witts is a clear first choice Ruck at GC, and a very solid FF scorer in his own right. And when I looked at Maynard - as much as I despise him - his scoring in the 2nd half of last year was surprisingly good. Importantly, unless suspended / injured, he gets a game every week. This was a trade forced by necessity , but will hopefully be win win. I suspect getting Steele allowed Melk to do subsequent deals , and I solved the ruck problem, with a partial backline fix thrown in.

Steeles departure meant Acres could / would stay , but I was still wanting to move at least one of Berry or Ward. For a defender, ideally. Smooth had posted about trading out a defender , I enquired about Balta, he offered a straight swap for Berry. Done deal. It all took about 30 seconds of back and forth PM’s. Yze is experimenting with Balta forward, which is interesting , may increase his scoring and may be quite useful if he earns dual position after round 6. Importantly, he’s unquestionably in Richmond’s best side.

I was hoping to find one more useful defender but left it a bit late. But we managed to plug several problematic holes and shift an unbalanced list towards something more suitable to the new layout. That process will have to continue during the draft of course, it’s not done. But the keeper list looks pretty good with some serious talent entering their third and fourth years. We still have pick 11, it’ll be interesting to see what survives the top 10. And overall, we feel we made a pretty good fist of a difficult position in list management.


Is it worth us starting a thread here on Blitz to start taking pics or just wait until everything is ready on the Fantasy site?

It’s up to Red etc, but we could start taking the picks manually in the Draft Order thread.

Good idea. I’m easy either way but might be worth to get picks in if people are available a bit earlier.

Draft order thread pinned to top of Fantasy Footy board.

If you’re in both Leagues, take careful note of the relevant thread with manual picks until AFL fantasy is running the picks.


I will email a list of available players once I get the final lot of keepers confirmed.

@Kj_11 let me know where you want the email to go.

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We are going to have to start taking picks manually here. I need to allocate the keepers in AFL fantasy and amend draft order, so it may take a while.


I believe it’s just not locked until rd1

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Sal pinned the draft thread so we can start whenever @Aceman is on.

EDIT: Actually its unpinned now. Maybe to avoid a mistake by 2 league coaches.

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Both should still be pinned.

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Note I will not be removing players who may no longer be playing AFL from the list I send around. The two names which stand out are Angus Brayshaw and Tarryn Thomas.


Apologies if I’ve missed this, just wondering does anyone know how long we have to take our pick in the draft?

Heads up that Noa is at school from 10am to 9pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with limited phone access, but I’ll be messaging him as soon as his picks come up to try keep things moving.