2024 BBFFL#2 Discussion

It’s not about ladder position of that week though, ladder position only mattered after rd1 as far as I understand. That sets the initial order.

It’s now on where you sit in order as far whether you’ve made RFA bids (and won) relative to others. And that cycles accordingly.

FogDog has landed a player and now he’s 17th on RFA order list

But yeah if you had the priority on him but didn’t pick as RFA then wouldn’t have gained

Can see the order for next week in ere’

That was my point. After Rd 1 I was lower in the ladder, so initial order should have been set based on that. I have not had a successful RFA this season (as far as I can remember), but am now lower in the order than I should have been after Rd1.

I have no idea if Fogdog has had a successful RFA before this week, but given the Rd1 ladder I can’t see how it’s possible that he was above me in the priority order for this week.

Obviously I could have screwed something up, but I don’t think I have, as I was more careful to make sure everything was properly done this week than last time (and I don’t think I did anything wrong last time).

Given I’m not the only one who has noted the order system doesn’t seem to be working properly I think it’s broken.

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This week was my first successful RFA. You can check out everyone’s transaction history. Here’s mine:

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You selected Rotham as a FA but you have not utilised the RFA yet.


That was my memory.

The filter in that part of the app isn’t working for me, but that Sharp RFA was the one I had also put in. Given you were above me on the ladder at Rd 1, I am not sure the system is working as advertised.

Still may have stuffed up or missed a cutoff or whatever, because I barely know which day of the week it is at the moment, and am not expecting a change, but I think there are some issues in the system.

Powell suspended for five games. Ffs.

Still wondering how I have gone from RFA selection 6 after week 1 to 7 now without having made a selection.

It looks like the initial positions didn’t set right at round 1, it does seem to be correctly moving people to the bottom of the order after they get their player though.

There still seem to be issues with making actual RFA claims though for people.


Yep I’m sorry I can’t reconcile completely.

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Sorry ive been quiet boys, i literally had muted this channel and couldn’t find it. Wtf. Im back though, year 11 of the rebuild continues


I do feel on the cusp of competing though


Pretty much screwed by injuries now.

Ashcroft - ACL
Ash - Calf 6 weeks
Cumming - Calf 4 weeks
Cox - Hammy 6 weeks
Cottrell - Foot 4-5 weeks
Ross - Foot 6 weeks
Cerra - Hammy 3 - 4 weeks
Worrell - Wrist 8 - 12 weeks
Weightman - Elbow 6 weeks

Scrimshaw - 1 week sling tackle.

And probably back to no selected ruckman each week again.

I’d been able to cover most of them last month but now i’ve run out of troups i think.

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BFFFL#2 Round 9 Results
redbull 1354 Defeated AVanderScreamer 1289
The Ant 832 Lost to kj_11 1143
Speedy_Gonzales 1491 Defeated Aceman 929
TrevorBix 1094 Lost to saladin 1429
Stoops 1413 Defeated Don to Death 1265
nozza 1158 Lost to The Melkman 1544
Ivan 1214 Lost to Crazy Bomber 1414
Trotters 1419 Defeated Smooth 1273
cafegerat 1310 Defeated frosty 1085

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BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 9


Injury gods got it out for Team DTD

Happy I’ll get Ridley back soon.


Is this the day top of the ladder finally gets knocked off!

@Crazy_Bomber on 1194 with 3 to play


@Stoops on 997 with 7 to play

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Wish I’d had Swallow as F emg rather than mid, will cost me a few points. Not as bad as CB having Marshall on the bench with 170


Didn’t need those extra few points @Stoops. Done a 1700+!!!



Top score @Stoops!