2024 BBFFL#2 Trade Discussion

Welcome to the 2024 season trade period. The trade period is currently open and will close at 6pm AEDT on the 03.03.2024.

This thread is just for trade discussion. List what you want, who you don’t etc.


Knights of Columbus - Crazy Bomber
The Melkmen - The Melkman
Need for Speed - Speedy Gonzales
Hasselhoffs Yambag - Cafegerat
Conargo Bulls - Redbull
Saracens FC - Saladin
trottersFC - Trotters
Excitement Machines - Stoops
Nozza - Nozza
The Antrobus - The Ant
Wezza’s Club - TBA
Smooth Criminals - Smooth
FC Medina - Ivan
Notorious BIX - Tervorbix
Singapore Bombers - AVandersscreamer
IceCold - Frosty
Dangerous Dons - Don to Death
Aces Aces - Aceman


I want to understand what is going on here?

As usual I’m looking to get back into the draft since burnt my picks mid season

I certainly ain’t thinking any top selections in trades

As far as what I’d have that might be enticing for some sides on the rise or full rebuild is some kids who got games and will be pushing for more game time. Some of which I am tossing up whether to keep vs some elder statesmen like Heppell, Fyfe & Sheed

Oliver Dempsey (cf) -Cats, rookie (2021) > dominates at VFL level. 5 games in AFL in 2023 mainly with the vest on. Got his chance in final game of year as a starter and scored 84. Big chance to be a regular senior player in 2024

Taj Woewodin (c) - Dees - F/S pick65 (2021) > also dominates at VFL level. 4 games at AFL level in 2023. Only got a bit part role when came into senior team but may get more opportunities with Oliver scenario sketchy and they’ve traded Harmes and lost Jordan as FA

Cooper Harvey (cf) - North. F/S Pick 66 (2022) Boomers kid, highly rated and another who had strong VFL form, came into senior side in rd17 and had 3 games but got injured in that last one with shoulder injury so was out for season.

Sam Banks (cb) - Tigers- Pick 29 (2021) > Got into team in 2nd half of season and played 6 games, with a top score of 74 in rd19.

Tom Brown (b) - Tigers. pick 17 (2021). After being in emergencies often eventually cracked his debut in final game of season and had 16 disposals. May force his way into starter spot this season, may be one for the future. .


Rucks are always a rare commodity also.

Tom Campbell (r) - Saints, will once again play 2nd fiddle to Marshall. St Kilda didn’t look to/weren’t able to acquire any other rucks so really any injury to Marshall and Campbell is in as far experienced next cab off rank

I’ll also be sending out the door, not that expect any bites on

Luke Breust (f)
Sam Collins (d)
Luke Edwards (cf)

Also happy to listen to offers on what would be likely keepers if anyone is wheeling and dealing!

FOOTY IS BACK! (Nearly!)

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Who are all these people?


I have edited the op with all the coaches Blitz names.

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I actually meant what’s a Sam Banks, but thanks!

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Squads updated

Well, irrespective of ground layout , I’ll be looking to trade in a starting ruck. Wright is a dedicated forward and Lycett has retired.

Are we looking likely to be running a 6/5/1/6 ground layout?

Edit - yes, it seems it’s going to be 6/5/1/6 .

I’ll field any inquiries about Libba for those competing for a top spot need a top up.

I’ll also entertain anyone who wants to get back in the top 10 picks. I culled deep in the last few years If I can add some maturity I will look at it.

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I’m leaning towards letting at least one of the following Centres go -

Blake Acres (Ave 88)
J Berry (Ave 74)
C Ward (Ave 72)

if anyone needs to stiffen up their midfield.

Looking for a ruckman or defenders as a priority.


Always open for trading.

The number 2 pick is up for grabs but it won’t come cheap. The top picks this year are super strong FF players imo Sold

Could possibly trade out a defender and would be interested in trading for a Forward or Ruckman.

WIth 6 5 picks in the first 56 (7,17,20,53,56) i have a lot of flexibility to get trades done.

All offers will be promptly responded to so coaches aren’t left hanging waiting for answers,


Add Darcy Byrne Jones (F, 2023 Ave 61, best score 101) to my list of likely availables . A similarly scoring defender would be considered if anyone has a surplus.

Where can I find current lists (including my own!)?

They are also still on The Bench.


In all likelihood I’m going to have some room at the end of my 20 keepers and have a raft of picks in the middle of the draft

Interested to see the players people are weighing up as borderline keepers as potentially I’m interested in trading in a couple for those not wanting to lose players for nothing.

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I’m likely to head into keepers with a surplus in backs and mids but not having many forwards.

Keen to try and rebalance this for anyone that needs players in these positions.

First round pick is also on the table as well if I can get a decent forward or would be open to packaging up with a player to move up the order. These players are all fighting for the final 6 keeper spots, with varying likelihoods of making it:

Xavier Duursma
Elijah Hollands
Liam Stocker
Corey Wagner
Darcy Wilmot
Mac Andrew
Jaidyn Stephenson
Jack Darling
Jack Hayes
Callum Coleman-Jones


What pick do you have?

Anyone interested in any of these, hit me up:

Allan (C)

Starcevich (B)

Rampe (B)

Petruccelle (F)

Worner (B)

Casboult (F)

Johnston (B)

Neale (F)

Pick 13

These players are available. Just looking for later picks.

Tyler Brockman F
Deven Robertson CF
Curtis Taylor CF
Josh Goater B
Darcy Fort RF
Joel Jeffrey BF
Sam Butler F
Caleb Poulter C
Luke Nankervis B
Joel Amartey F
Brandan Parfitt C
Josh Worrell B