2024 FF Original Discussion Thread

@Blummers32 i am trying to move Cox from my ruck to the bench and it’s not letting me. Can you do this for me please?

I want to take Goldstein’s score.

Actually, I don’t know if it’s a glitch cause I’m one player short in my squad, but I can’t move any players to an empty spot on my bench.

If it’s the app, it’s a bit clunky.
Usually safer on the website.

I’ve made the change.

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I protest. Clearly if it won’t let him do it, it’s obviously against the rules…:grin:


I keep looking at my team and think ‘how the fark are you winning?’
I only have 4 players in my 18 that weren’t keepers. One is a free agent (Ralphsmith) and the other three are draft picks (my last handful).
I have gotten sweet fark all from my first 4 picks in the draft.


AFL Fantasy updated.

Only change to scores was @Trotters getting Goldstein’s score.



It’s a Wednesday night FA again.


FAs have been processed.

Best of luck to all.

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Playing one short this week. Been waiting for a back up ruck. Will have to be trade week

Finally I am getting some selection pressure, I think we may have a few players due to make season debuts (or actual career debuts) for their feeder clubs in the next couple of weeks. Fahey and Parker are breaking the door down, DiMattia played in the twos last week, Kynan Brown and Billy Wilson looking not too far off either. Livingstone doing some nice things too.

Had to get some of the cavalry returning as there has been a bit of carnage to some of my veterans. Howe out for a few weeks, Jez Cameron in concussion protocols, Phillipou may not get straight back in. Braeden Campbell unable to force his way in to a top of the ladder side should be in sooner or later.

Whilst I am happy with my scoring last weekend, I am getting my share of depth issues.

Seven of the ten players who didn’t play last week are players I’d like to persevere with. The weakest of those is Phillips, Robertson and Pedlar. But the others are either injured or being somewhat average at VFL level so it is becoming early sign of worry.
Of the other three that didn’t play, Williams is likely to get delisted to make way for Cleary. Peatling was dropped last week for some weird reason so hopefully he comes back this week. Campbell will be there for Marshall depth as long as he’s named as an emergency for the Saints.
To join those ten players, Walter has been managed so I am down to 1 player on my bench (Cincotta) in the same position of the guy I got last night at FAs.
My only way around all this is pushing my multi position players in my 18 around and hope I steer clear of any late changes players being names as subs.

Weirdly, this is the first year ever that I’ve got good defenders that I can rely on. Luke Ryan is averaging 100+. Florent is good for 85. Bergman is good for 80. Farrell is good for 75.
Weirdly, my forwards are letting me down which I thought was going top be my strength leading into the season.

Glad to be undefeated at this point of the season. Didn’t think it’d be possible at all based on my last 3 years. Still think I’ll be short for quality after the final positional adjustments occur and my young midfield will start dropping away enough to struggle somewhat.

Will be interesting to see how things are after the team position adjustments after next weekend’s games.

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I brought Bryan in this week thinking he might get a run to help Goldstein. Been desperate in the ruck all year

Cottrell and Cerra go out and they find a way to not bring in Binns after the last weeks with 43, 26 & 2.
What more can a guy do.

I’ll definitely take 126 from my first two.
Being down a mid is still so damn frustrating, but what can you do.

Not that you’ll need it, but good luck, Sal.

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I remain without a ruck - Ryan had a good ressies hit out but no call up - so it kinda balances out your one short .

Dow and McAulliffe getting named has certainly helped my midfield depth , finally.

But my results have been a bit all over the shop so I’m not taking anything for granted.

Hopefully neither of us cop a mid match injury. I’m sick of that happening. Ruins the scoring.

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Please pump them in the midfield, GWS, so Bevo has to play Poulter or Sanders.

Just…y’know…not Green or my old boy Ward.
The other ones.

Darcy didn’t get up, culley not picked, Andrew injured at half time and now cox out.

■■■■■■ week

And now just seen that Rankine picked up a mi or hamstring strain in the last 30 seconds of the game

Good, solid win, Sal.
I’m not making that difference up, regardless of injury or selection.

Hope you make finals and do some damage.

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No changes to scores this round from what I can tell.

Ladder as per the below.

FA is Wednesday night again.

Trade season coming up soon?

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