2024 FF Original Discussion Thread

Fonti’s first game was very impressive. I was one of the 5… disappointed

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From the looks of it, there are no empty spots in team’s 18 to fill. Let me know if you see any out of the ordinary with your scores.

Ladder is as per the below.

I’m surprised that for the second time this year, I’ve snagged a good scoring midfielder off FAs with pretty much the last pick of the round. Hopefully, Luke Edwards gets a good run at things now.
I still think I’m short on quality so I unless my midfielders gain some form over the next fortnight, I could easily be bounced out of finals in straight sets.

Round 11, I lost to CB by 24 points, which could have been covered several ways with better selection.
Winning that game alone would have put me one game (and percentage) out of the eight.
Which is…pretty…pretty funny.

FAs have been processed.

A few notes:

  • Finn Maginness isn’t available as @AVanderScreamer hadn’t picked him up from last week.
  • Happy to get Max Heath. Was surprised that he’s made emergencies ahead of Campbell for one of the few times this season.

Best of luck to all coaches.


Selection certainly not kind to me. 4 of my 5 starting forwards from last week are out - Todd Marshall, Jake Waterman, Alex Davies and Jack Graham. Not sure I have the depth to cover that in one week.

The Excitement Machines will sleep easier knowing that they won’t have contend with that forward line.

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That forward that sits inside the top 4. Is your mob even still in this league? My table only goes down to 12th.


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If you’re not first, you’re last. As far as I’m concerned, we’re both bottom of the table.


If there’s a way to lose by not very much, I will find it.