2024 FF Original Trade Bait/Discussion Thread

Place your trade scraps here.

Trade Period - Saturday February 17 9am AEST to Sunday March 3 6pm AEST

No trading of round 11 and 12 picks for the next few days as we work out how that part of the draft works.

Players I’m looking to trade.

  • Paddy Dow StK C - He’s a mid. Short term injury but can score 70s when not a sub.
  • Riley Bonner StK C - Will be in seniors. Pity he’s not a defender but good for 55 per week.
  • Harry Cunningham Syd B - He’s a defender who will play seniors. Good for 55 per week.
  • Oleg Markov Coll B - He’s a defender who will play seniors. A bit on the fringe at the Pies, but can score 60s when not a sub.
  • Ben Miller Rich FR - He’s a ruck. Duel position. Pretty average. Very fringe.
  • Brayden Cook Ade C - He’s a mid. Scored well in his one and only game last season. Adelaide rate him, but not enough to play him in seniors. Averaged 73 at SANFL.
  • Ned Moyle GC R - he’s a ruck. A chance to get games. Averaged 95 at VFL level. The next inline there.
  • Jack Bytel Coll C - Is a Collingwood SSP. I rate him. Averaged 94 at VFL level.
  • Noah Answerth Bris F - No idea about this bloke. Average 95 at VFL level.

I have excess draft picks as well.
Picks 98, 116, 126, 134, 135 & 152 are all on the table.

Looking for…

  • Defenders
  • Pick upgrades

Up for trade:

Rory Lobb: 58av played most weeks and is every chance to again, with nothing behind English is the only real backup ruck on the list.

Jye Menzie 21 : 43av- has built on his tank and did well in our 2km time trial, should see him get to more contests and looks locked into the best 22.

Anthony Scott 28: M/F 48av- dual position helps get you 22 each week, played 22 games last year and seems a bevo fav

Finn Maginness 22: 43av a young man who is learning to use his large frame. Gets a game most weeks and Mitchell likes him. Had a few good mentions in their training reports, with no Will Day may be let loose to score more.

Jimmy Webster 30: 62av and played 17 games every week he’s available Ross playes him. Mr Reliable

Jake Kelly 29: 58av like the man above, he’s a coaches favourite. This wing scenario is here to stay and it’s seeing him get more ball than ever. Would like to hang on and see how this plays out but I need the list spot.

Picks: 6, 24, 32, 36, 68, 72, 108, 114, 132, 150

I’m willing to package some picks up to move up the order, I have a good spread of younger guys and limited list spots. So would rather take fewer quality picks into the draft.

Have 10 picks in the top 100.

Looking to trade back into the top 10 of the draft. Let me what you have and want in return.

Finn and Magiinniss were tempting as helll.
Not to me, but…should totally get bites.

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At some point I’ll get my head straight enough to post my offcuts for anyone looking for a 20th keeper.
Back pain is a hell of a thing.

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Do I still need to offcut someone?

Yep. You have to delist 1 more player (other than Jackson Hately) from your list to trim down to 30.

Pick 10 is on the table as well as my second round.

Looking for mid and ruck

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All my picks and players are available to anyone that enjoys trading :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy to pass on pick one for multiple picks or elite young talent.

Given recent events Luke Parker is pretty much off the trade table. I could not expect anyone to pay anywhere near what I want for him and he is too good to give him away.


In the market for a ruckman. Likely to pay overs in terms of a player or draft pick

Would be willing to part with one of Draper/Xerri/Amartey.

But by geez, it would wanna be good.

Yeo and Tex Walker are two I’d consider trades for if the right offer comes along

Will Day on the table ave 95, 22 yo.

Anyone interested in any of these blokes, hit me up:

McCreary (F)

Marchbank (B)

Butler (F)

Weideman (FR)

Hipwood (F)

Konstanty (FC)

Casboult (F)

Pickett (C)

Okay, here are my non-keepers.
They’re going into the draft.
Unless you can fit them into your keepers and are prepared to give up a pick that I can use for them.

Also…people with not enough picks.
You can have all my unusable picks for one pick slightly higher than my least worst one.
If you know what I mean.

So…where are we…I know one of these is already traded, so ignore that guy.

So… what have we got here…

Frampton (spud)
Mitchell (young spud who can’t get a game but maybe?)
Sholl (talented player that the Crows don’t rate because I don’t know why)
Hughes (could have owned the Freo wing but did not)
Logue…I feel like he’s the one I already traded? If not, then cool.
Baldwin…obviously injured. I like him, but I can’t keep him.
Ohhhh…Leek Aleer. Top ten draft pick? Can’t break into the GWS backline right now. But maybe worth a spec?

Feel like I might have forgotten some because that’s not many players. But any pick better than I already have will do.

Sparrow and Battle are my 19 and 20.
Would consider trading them if you think you have a suitable replacement player.

Would consider Any of my players if you want to pay stupid overs, but…realistically…those are the guys.

Edit: to be a little clearer, my tenth pick is 110.
I will trade 110, 128, 146 and 164 for something better than 110.

Edit: and obviously picks can be ontraded by the savvy.

Punctuality and congeniality is respected.

Edit: edit: or not.
Certainly no skin off my nose if my last pick is #110

Oh, also…
Contenders might be interested in May/McGovern.
Not a fire sale on those two.
They’re not going to be in my next contending team, but there is a mid season draft, too, and someone might want…a solid sixth (fifth?) backman going into finals.
Both had bad years last year, but both can also ton.

When is that going to be?