2024 FF Original Trade Bait/Discussion Thread

No idea what deadline we are looking at here but the following players are going to be available in the draft. Available now for just about any pick

Liam Ryan
Josh Rotham

Undecided on for keepers so might need a better pick
Lachlan Murphy
Rory Atkins
Finn Macrae

Just for clarity.
We have 2 hours to the trade deadline.
5 hours to the keeper deadline.

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Geeeewiz, I’m very settled on my team now, but Ballard and Finn are insanely tempting bait!

  1. Max Gawn- still a great player and has years left in him, just doesn’t fit my timeline.
    Would suit someone looking to challenge

A good pick or quality young player would tempt me.

  1. Seb Ross- been very handy this year in a mid starved league, again would suit someone top of the table. Could fill an injury hole or provide depth.

Chasing picks for Seb.

  1. TEX- Mr Consistent, he just constantly puts up his 70 odd and gets on with it. You know what you’re buying.

Again picks are the want

I’m looking for draft picks.
I think I’m okay from a list balance perspective at the moment. If a player is listed here that I may be interested in, I’ll send a PM. Otherwise, I’ll unlikely take on other players.

I’m willing to trade the following:

  • Jack Viney. Averaging 90 odd. Looking for a late 1st round pick or early 2nd round pick here.
  • Jed Walter. He’s a slow burn like JUH, so he’s 3 years away. Looking for a 1st round pick here which is pretty much where I drafted him.
  • Deven Robertson. I think he’ll smash it later this year with all of Brisbane’s injuries and they’ll finally play him in his preferred position. Looking for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  • Miles Bergman. Averaging low to mid 70s. I think he’s worth around a 4th or 5th round pick.
  • Will Hayward. Averaging low to mid 70s. I think he’s worth around a 4th or 5th round pick.
  • James Peatling. Averaging mid 50s. Has been a sub for most of that. Playing a lot of midfield minutes. I think he’s worth a 5th round pick.

Make an offer on these guys:

  • Hugo Ralphsmith. Averaging low 60s.
  • Brad Close. Averaging mid to high 50s.
  • Ethan Phillips. Don’t think he’s worth much. I definitely grabbed him way too early last draft and doubt he makes keepers unless he starts getting games late in the year.

Bergman and Viney are gone. I’m unlikely to be trading away midfielders this week, so am more likely to stand pat until next week.

Being me your backup rucks. Also will pay for a good mid

Mitch Duncan, Brodie Smith, Rhys Stanley, Dion Prestia, potentially Tom Mitchell and Jack Macrae all on the table for those wanting to have a crack.

Basically whole list is up for grabs, although English, Sinclair, Parish and Cripps will be hardest to move.

Picks or good young talent preferred


Mark Blicavs the one and only human Swiss Army Knife, has played every week (although he has a week off this week after he took out Whitfield). A bit hard to value but if someone is willing to part with a 2nd rounder for a mid/ruck who averages 70 he’s available.

Toby Bedford I know people like him but I am a bit sick of the fluctuations… maybe a pick upgrade around the 5th and 6th rounds?

Blake Hardwick We all know this guy is good but suffering in a role prison at Hawthorn. Def/Fwd who averages 64. Maybe worth a 3rd?

Tom Barrass Had an 8 in Rd 1 but without that averages a 60… if someone really needs a defender might be worth a 6th?

Feel free to offer me overs for these guys:
Harrison Petty
Sam Collins
Charlie Dixon
Taj Woewodin

Possibly have for sale.

Lachie Whitfield - 98 ave

Petracca - 93 ave

Draper and Reid (no…our Reid) available for a halfway decent mid or forward.

Edit: could possibly be swayed on Sweet but he’s my preferred second ruck at this point.

First round pick probably available.
Probably around #10.

Joe Richard’s available - played 3 games, averaging 79

And has broken his foot?


Just saw that. ■■■■■ slow in the US. Am I selling for a first nope? But there’s potential. Happy to keep him.

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Matt Crouch is available. Absolute FF king.

Anyone that’s not in the mix for a 2024 premiership that’s interested in cashing in on some high scoring older players for Crouch knowing he’ll be ready to go rd1, DM me.


Other options:

  • Banfield averaging 68
  • Kemp 71