2024 Mid Season Review Thread

We enter the bye with:

8 wins
4 losses
1 draw

% 100.2

3rd on ladder.


RD1 Hawthorn 107 - 83
RD3 St Kilda 71 - 67
RD5 Western Bulldogs 96 - 67
RD6 Adelaide 78 - 75
RD8 West Coast - 77 - 71
RD9 GWS 82 - 62
RD10 North Melbourne 106 - 66
RD11 Richmond 86 - 74


RD2 Sydney 101 - 133
RD4 Port Adelaide 44 - 111
RD12 Gold Coast 80 - 91
RD13 Carlton 70 - 96


RD7 Collingwood 85 - 85


West Coast (Marvel)
Geelong (MCG)
Collingwood (MCG)
Melbourne (MCG)
Adelaide (Marvel)
St Kilda (Marvel)
Fremantle (MCG)
Gold Coast (Marvel)
Sydney (Marvel)
Brisbane (Gabba)

Latest Injury Update

Essendon round 13 injury list

Name Injury Weeks
Todd Goldstein Ankle Test
Kyle Langford Hip Test
Mason Redman Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Ben Hobbs Calf 2 weeks
Xavier Duursma Quad 2 weeks
Kaine Baldwin Navicular stress 2 weeks
Sam Draper Knee 3-4 weeks
Darcy Parish Calf 5-6 weeks
Zach Reid Pectoral TBC
Jaiden Hunter ACL Season

Updated Tuesday, June 4

(Goldy and Langford played RD13)

Mid-season Draft:
Essendon selected Saad El-Hawli with pick 13 in the mid-season draft.

AFL debutantes so far this year for Essendon: 1 player - RD11 Nate Caddy
(equal lowest with Carlton and Sydney)

Leading Goal Kicker so far
Kyle Langford with 28 goals (5th on the Coleman)

Statistical Rankings


  • Ranked 2nd in Handballs Per Game
  • Ranked 3rd in Disposals Per Game
  • Ranked 3rd in Inside 50s Per Game
  • Ranked 1st in least Opponent Tackles Per Game
  • Ranked 5th in least Opponent Hitouts Per Game
  • Ranked 5th in least Opponent Inside 50s Per Game
  • Ranked 4th in least Opponent Clearances Per Game
  • Ranked 4th in Team to Opponent Handballs Per Game Diff.
  • Ranked 4th in Team to Opponent Disposals Per Game Diff.
  • Ranked 2nd in Team to Opponent Tackles Per Game Diff.
  • Ranked 3rd in Team to Opponent Inside 50s Per Game Diff.


  • Ranked 15th in Rebound 50s Per Game
  • Ranked 12th in least Opponent Handballs Per Game
  • Ranked 12th in least Opponent Points Per Game
  • Ranked 14th in least Opponent Goal Assists Per Game
  • Ranked 16th in least Opponent Clangers Per Game
  • Ranked 17th in least Opponent Rebound 50s Per Game
  • Ranked 13th in Team to Opponent Points Per Game Diff.
  • Ranked 12th in Team to Opponent Goal Assists Per Game Diff.
  • Ranked 17th in Team to Opponent Clangers Per Game Diff.
  • Ranked 17th in Team to Opponent Rebound 50s Per Game Diff.

Essendon Statistical Leaders



Going 5/5 in the remaining 10 games is best case.

4/6 likely

3/7 very possible

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We absolutley needed to win 1 of GC/Blues. We lost both. Wheels about to fall off.


1 more scrappy win coming before we get pantsed by Geelong and Collingwood, and lose to Melbourne by 3 goals in what will be the most dour game all year

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I reckon we are a real chance to win all five Marvel games (including vs Sydney).
If we can pinch an MCG one (and Freo are gettable away from Perth), that’s 14.5 wins.


exceeded expectations, feel ■■■■ about it


Should win: WCE, Adel, Suns
Better than 50/50: Freo, Saints
Does not start fav but winnable: Cats, Pies, Dees
Not winnable: Bris, Swans

5 wins; 5 loses

13.5 wins. About 6-7 on the ladder. Straight sets.

I thought we were going to be ■■■■ this year, but I was wrong.

It’s actually worse than that.

We’re mediocre still.


Should win: WCE, Adel, Suns Saints, Freo

Does not start fav but winnable: Cats, Pies, Dees, Bris, Swans

likely finish 7-8.

need to continue to beat teams outside the 8 and be more competitive with the top 8 teams.

1-4 against top 8 teams

We’re frauds again, but we’re playing a better brand of footy imo. Still not good enough to contend, still a middling team, but we perform admirally most weeks with effort and intent

We just lack quality. Its as simple as that


Our list is ■■■■, but Brad is getting the best out of them.


Think we have developed a dependable game style, lacking some talent up forward but I have us improving in the second half.


I rather be in our position then North who look hopeless every week.


Redman, Hobbs, Duursma, Baldwin, Saad, Caddy & Bryan in soon after the bye, replacing 2MP, Kelly, Tsatas, Jones (if he has one more low possession/scoreboard impact game), Hepp & Hind,

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Other than your potential canning of Hind and Hepp… I agree


Last year the good teams flogged us. This year apart from Port we’ve been in the losses, including winning some aspects of each game, so definitely improvement from last year.

Our midfield is a huge improvement but we can’t carry the number of injuries we currently do.

Forward line is a complete mess. Other than Langford I’d look to upgrade everyone.



Durham and Caldwell have been great at lifting the competitive standards, would throw Duursma into this mix too.

Still lacking star power. Big question marks around the forward mix.

Think we play finals but still feel this list is a some way off it.


Do you really think anyone would want to be in north’s position?

No. im just saying we should appreciate what we achived so far.

If some ond told me we would be 8-4-1 at mid season bye before the season started i would have laughed


While we are doing good things at times, this year is feeling very similar to our other elimination final exits. The reason we may be a chance at winning a final this year is because of how ordinary/even the rest of the comp is. It’s rare for me to look at the 8 most years and think, “we could beat most teams in the 8 in Melbourne”. At the same time, we haven’t look convincing against pretty much anyone, so I’m not expecting anything much by the time September arrives.

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