2024 Round 1 but not Opening Round Non Essendon Games

FC vs Tigers
Klan vs Chickens
GWS vs North
Geelong vs St Kilda
GC vs Adelaide
Melbourne vs Footscray
Port vs WC
Freo vs Brisbane

Klan vs Chickens and GC vs Adelaide could be good games.

FC are going to absolutely fist Richmond

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Dees v Dogs is a huge game. Melbourne has a tough start to the season and if they go 0-2 they are in a bit of a hole with Port (A), Adelaide (A) and Brisbane (H) to come. Beveridge doesn’t have too much wriggle room this year so a good start to the season is crucial.


I am looking forward to seeing how teams playing their first game of the season go against the teams that already have one game under their belt.

I think the teams who played on the weekend just gone are going to have a big advantage.


Agree. Couldn’t they have organised say Brisbane v GWS and Freo v GC for instance? That way all 8 clubs who played in OR would play against another team that also playing in OR…


I’m just glad we avoid the likely meltdown on here had we played a team in Round 1 that had already played in ‘Round 0’ …

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do we have 5 games after round 23 called closing round?


We are in alternate 2024


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Dont give them any ideas


They are just waiting for the NRL to do something and copy it.


Next will be trying to crack the US market.

Inevitable they do that at some point, even more likely now with the T20 world cup giving them some suitable venues to play at. We were meant to do it a few years ago, hope we back out next time

I think it’s worth trying.
But it has to be club initiated. Not the AFL saying “ohh, you’ll be playing round 7 in LA”.

If it fails, so be it. But trying to expand the game is a good idea.

Except Freo didn’t play in OR

LA Coliseum is having the aths tracks reinstalled for the 28 Olympics. Afl should try swing in on the back of that and turf it for a few afl games before it’s returned to its gridiron orientation. I figure an aths tracks is about as close as you’ll ever get to a decent sized afl oval, albeit a little narrow.

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Oh yeah, there’s a game tonight

Real footy starts tonight