#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I’m talking about on field. You can see him trying his guts out. Sure he makes errors, but endeavour and willingness to try is there.


Struggles defensively as a mid, an A grade hbf but our midfield is so cactus we need him in there.


He’d be our Docherty if our midfield was anything resembling decent.


A very slow halfback flanker


We should have listened.

This tweet should have been retweeted all through the PS, then maybe our club would have got its act together when we only have 25,000 members at March 31


Have never rated Heppell since.

Just have a look at his stupid hair and beard. I get more serious about being annoyed by it as the year goes on.


Flashes of brilliance, flashes of mediocrity. He’s not a captain imo.


At least he has a crack


They all have a crack to start with and then go into their shells. Captains are the ones that drag them out, not disappear with them.


He has never been quick but his kicking has really gone backwards.


We haven’t had an ONFIELD proper leader since round 22, 2009.

Jobe may have been a tremendous off field leader just as Heppell is reported to be but he was not an inspiring onfield leader.


we’ll never have one as long as we keep drafting these ‘come from a good family with leadership quality’ types.


Llyod would have belted a few ■■■■■ when merret got concused.


I’ll never forget that moment. fark we used to have some champs once.


hes a NICE captain of a NICE team


i saw a strong and angry Heppell in rd 1. He has since been missing. Get angry. Enough is enough. He needs to want it, not just to be liked. Do you think Luke Hodge or Joel Selwood care if people like them? The lead by example and get angry. FFS GET ANGRY and use the ball with purpose! Make the opposition fear us!


Needs a serious kick up the ■■■.

This bloke as captain and Myers and Joe in the leadership group is utterly mind boggling.


Won’t be dropping another 2.5k in membership fees if this guy is still captain.

Get a haircut you ■■■■■■■


I’d tell him that he’s either the leader of the club or mates with David Evans. Pick one.


Leads on the field in terms of work rate - GPS leader each week.

I don’t mind his light heartedness off the field…for now. When we actually have a good enough list to challenge, I expect a more demanding nature, and I think it can still happen.