#21 Dyson "Go jam it” Heppell - 200th game this week (Part 1)

Season Highlights
27 disps (14 kicks 13 hballs) and 4 tackles in Rd 20 53-pt loss to West Coast at Etihad Stadium (11 Aug 2013)
23 disps (16 kicks 7 hballs), 5 marks and 6 tackles in Rd 17 39-pt win over GWS at Skoda Stadium (20 Jul 2013)
27 disps (20 kicks 7 hballs), 5 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals in Rd 16 31-pt win over the Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium (14 Jul 2013)
27 disps (23 kicks 4 hballs), 7 marks and 6 tackles in Rd 12 43-pt win over Gold Coast at Etihad Stadium (15 Jun 2013)
28 disps (20 kicks 8 hballs) and 10 marks in Rd 11 5-pt win over Carlton at the MCG (7 Jun 2013)
27 disps (17 kicks 10 hballs), 3 marks and 5 tackles in Rd 10 44-pt loss to Sydney at the SCG (1 Jun 2013)
26 disps (15 kicks 11 hballs), 4 marks and 2 goals in Rd 8 10-pt loss to Brisbane at Etihad Stadium (18 May 2013)
25 disps (15 kicks 10 hballs), 6 marks and 4 tackles in Rd 5 46-pt win over Collingwood at the MCG (25 Apr 2013)
28 disps (15 kicks 13 hballs) and 8 marks in Rd 4 37-pt win over St Kilda at Etihad Stadium (20 Apr 2013)
36 disps (19 kicks 17 hballs), 9 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals in Rd 2 148-pt win over Melbourne at the MCG (6 Apr 2013)


Get a haircut you whipper snapper!

Thread title should be changed to Dyson "Best Hairstyle in the Business" Heppell.


When a kid can play as well as he has and does, he can wear his hair any way he damn well likes IMHO.


But more importantly, its great to see a first grade talent blossoming at EFC. I hope he can keep it up and help in winning us a final for the first time in a decade.

Another quality season from the next captain of the EFC

Man crush grows further. 

Love him. Not much more to say. Is already a strong leader, will grow to be an exceptional Captain.

Makes me smile.

Great season. Stood up when Jobe was injured and was our best midfielder during that time.


Showed some great leadership too.


One thing he should work on is some of his kicks float in the air a bit too much. He needs to get more penetration with his kicking.


Deadset gun.

"Good on ya guys"

"Doisen's Diary"


Next captain, is a star already. Stands out from our other youngsters because he made an impact immediately. 


Looking fwd to another consistent year from him.

Most pleasing part of the season. Started to get tagged and is showing a steely resolve to break through the tags. Has most bases covered. Kicking could be better ( needs less loop ) which ties in with his lack of pace. Can work to improve his pace which then give him more time to perfect his kicking.


Give him a clear run in 2014 and he can win the B and F. 

Will win a brownlow. He’s that good. Got over groin issues too… :slight_smile:

Get a haircut you whipper snapper!

Remember Sampson? The hair stays.

Will win a brownlow one day.


Kicking still an issue at times but improved from season before.


Deadset gun.

Hard to believe it was only his third season.

He's the next to step up after Watson.


Almost elite.

Yeah, he goes alright.

should trade him to gws for for the no.1 pick which we can use on an unporven tall to replace crameri.

Jobe improved his speed through a lot of hard work and shortening his initial steps.

I think this is something Dyson needs to work on. he has a great football brain and makes decisions quickly, even if sometimes they arent the best, but he will get better at that. and that will be a natural improvement for him.


we will see how dedicated he is to improve himself by how he develops his running style and speed.


if he can be as diligent as Jobe with regard to this, he could improve dramatically the weakest part of his game.

He has the ability and the right mindset thus far, it's up to him now to work on his game and excel to become a champion footballer. 

He goes with "Yeah, For sure!" at the start of most questions he's answering.


Legend after 3 years, Long may the improvement continue.