#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


He is the captain, the leader, the one who sets the standard. He needs to demand better, challenge his teammates, not cuddle them, time for cuddling is well and truly over. Stop putting up excuses (we have new players, we are implementing some new tactics etc) guess what Dys, every team brings in new players (how many have Port Adelaide brought in?) every team implements new tactics, these don’t stop you from tackling (12 tackles to half time) ■■■■ me are you serious? 12 ■■■■■■■ tackles? Enough of the yeah nah it will be ok ■■■■, if you want to lead the club start ■■■■■■■ doing it, or ■■■■ off and let someone else turn this ship around.


his point is, that when everyone else has a shocker, hepp looks fast.

who would you rather race for essendon in a 100 sprint to win a ball ?
hepp or
etc etc.

oh yeah but some pissant tracking ■■■■ proves that ■■■ hepp is like super awesome fast cos look numbers and even more numbers.


also i said it at the time, zerrett should have been made captain.
hepp is just to much of the same old nice ness that has gotten us no where.

Zerrett in 2016 in the last game of a putrid season was going off at zaka for making a dumb decision to center the ball and missing his target.

Hep and zaka in 2018 ■■■■ up in the backline and hep gives him a hug.
and people seriously wonder why we don’t improve, an almost 10 year player of this club is getting a ■■■■■■■ hug for turning the ■■■■■■■ ball over YET AGAIN.

But hey we wouldn’t want to see poor zak or any player on our list with some hurt feelings now would we, cos that’s what wins premierships right, good feelings.


Fukin poison.


Some people just want to see the world burn


Reckon you would have lost your mind hirdy gave Cupido a hug against Fremantle.
Gotta love the man hugs


cos that really turned cupido into a footballer didn’t it ?

also a pretty different context, a final, we were still in the game and went on to win it.

it wasn’t in the last qtr after how many turnovers, and players not doing what they were suppose to.

like i said, zerrett in a year were we finished bottom, and had players suspended, was dissappointed and showed it to a player, cos he wanted and expected better.
There’s also the difference i think zerrett would have offered, and not necessarily good or bad, by hep is one of the suspended players, so IMO he will always put the players first, even if they aren’t up to it, or not performing, because he is burdened by being let down by people in charge.

Do you honestly think hepp can make hard calls about players and their ability to perform at a high level ?
cos he isn’t showing it at present, and he along with the coaches are trying to make turnover merchants into stars, and it’s not gonna happen.


I’m just in here for people thinking he’s not a good leader or player because of his hair


A hugs a hug


Keep up, moved from hair to beard now


One good thing about all the people whinging about his appearance, is that it helps you to know whose opinions to disregard in the future


Can we start a thread for ‘scruffy champions of the game’?


Imagine if he had tatts as well!


You would hope there is a fair bit of separation from media Dyson and internal Dyson. He’s never going to come out and slam the team super hard because it just ain’t worth the headlines, however behind closed doors you’d hope that the entire club has grilled each other top to bottom no status getting in the way after last week to ensure that last wknd doesn’t happen again. Dys had a poor game last week too, even after holding the team up for two to three minutes after half time before leaving the ground but he wasn’t alone. Sometimes you just have to tow the media line. Let’s be honest, talk is cheap. Let’s see how our team backs it up this weekend on the track. From all reports he is a great leader so I’ll back him in at this time and have faith that we can improve on last two weeks efforts


I don’t really understand the whole ‘He’s slow, he doesn’t have a defensive game, his disposal has gone to Poo, so send him to half back’ idea. Wouldn’t those issues be a similar liability there?

Yes, he won the rising star at half back, but he won AA and a B&F as an inside mid, and he actually only played half back for one and half seasons.

Although I reckon he moved better in traffic back then, and was able to sidestep his way into more space, which meant his disposal was more effective.

I think he’s in the right spot, he just needs to play better.


Your an accountant right?

Been plenty of bad mullets over the years. Please.


So what happens if he gets short back and sides, is clean shaven and his playing/captaining ability stays the same…
What do we wring our hands at then…?


Sounds like someone here needs a hug


In an Iron Maiden.


Belly should also stop wearing orange pants, sends the wrong message, At least he shaved his head, I suppose It sends the correct message that he is a tough [email protected] with eclectic fashion sense.

We could build a team around that.