#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell



Dyson is certainly not Captain Cuddly inside the four walls of the club. If you need a foot up the ■■■■ he will give it to you. The difference between Dyson and a lot of his critics on here is that Dys doesn’t slam his mates in public for a few hero points. There is a time and place for everything.


Arent you a happy little vegemite.

Just because he aint slamming his team mates in public doesn’t mean he is not a good captain


Certainly turned Daisy Thomas’s career around when he cut his hair.

What a fking joke this thread has become.


Cut your damn hair and spend the next week and bit at kicking practice. 30 odd % efficiency is a team killer no matter how many times you get the pill.


Could you picture his champion data ranking and SC average if he was at least 50% accurate?


Called him a Brownlow smokey and sticking to it. Just keeps running does Doris. Captainesque workrate, think he might need glasses though



Tries his ■■■■ off but his disposal by foot is alarming. That was div 5 country standard today. A huge concern that our leaders are the ones who cough it up the most


A lot of his turnovers were when he was under minimal pressure too which is alarming to me.


Same with zaka and bj. Quite easy disposals that are travesties. Hurley too was struggling to hit targets on the switch on the full.


Was critical in and around the play today in making sure we had a presence at each subsequent contest.

Yep, kicking was a bit mediocre but the “effective” percentage is often misleading. A couple of really poor turnovers, but in general we got decent field position from his kicks even if not necessarily hitting team mates on the chest.


He was everywhere, but his disposal was pretty disappointing.


I don’t necessarily agree. He turned certainties into 50/50s far too often


He’s very poised and rarely gets caught but he doesn’t attack. His kicks are invariably sideways or backwards.

And I’m with those who think it’s time he got a haircut. If he wants to present himself as a rebellious schoolboy then he has every right to do so. But it would be good if he decided to present himself as a mature professional football player and the captain of a strong, focussed club.


BJ had 89% DI.


Really? i have inprinted in my brain the kick ins that achieved nothing and missing the easiest pass of his life to darcy in the 4th.


Yep, they were probably his two errors for the day


Yeah i should apologise to him. i think im attributing some of the absolute bewildering decisions by zaka and hepp with their kicking to him as he was involved in the 1-2s.


Hepp was never this unreliable by foot early is his career.

Not sure what’s gone wrong there.